Recent Adventures

Can you believe it’s March already? Time is passing too fast! Although I must admit, it never felt like winter in Portland, so the onset of spring isn’t too exciting – except for all the beautiful flowers blooming, of course!

Lately Tim and I have been making time for at least one adventure per week, sometimes more if our schedules allow. Here are a few highlights from our most recent outdoor pursuits.

Hoodie! 02

Snowshoeing along the White River with Mt. Hood looming before us the entire way. We found a lovely ridge to sit on and eat lunch. It was our first snowshoe this season with fluffy, powdery, new snow. Winter has been so mild that our other snowshoe trips were on hard, packed snow – much less fun. But the fluffy stuff? That’s what snowshoes are made for!

View 02

Wahclella Falls 01

Last week we went on a very short (and easy!) hike to massive Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. We enjoyed our lunch in solitude unless you count waterfall mist as company. :)

Cape Horn Overlook 01

Yesterday we took advantage of sunshine and warm temperatures and headed into Washington state for new exploration. This was taken near Cape Horn. We found a nice hike just a few miles up the road that offers several viewpoints across the gorge. It was a LOT of climbing, but so worth it!

Cape Horn Trail 01

We are already planning backpacking trips for late spring and summer. It’s going to be awesome! I think I will make a nifty spreadsheet with trails and distances and whatnot. I hope to be back soon with some foodie-inspired posts, promise. Hope you are all well and looking forward to warmer weather. :)


Over the River and Through the Woods

The sunshine made an appearance today! Tim and I took full advantage of abundant blue sky and went hiking in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest (located in Washington state). The snow levels this time of year can make finding a trail difficult, so we opted for a lower level hike we had done before called Siouxon Creek. Despite our careful planning, we still encountered snow! It was primarily on the forest roads leading to the trailhead, but it dotted much of the trail as well. We weren’t deterred though-we had the trail to ourselves for most of the day!

This area is absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of waterfalls, lush greenery, tall trees (Douglas Fir and Red Cedar), and chirping birds to keep hikers company. Plus, the trail parallels Siouxon Creek most of the route. Even though the sun was shining overhead, the forest was COLD! Winter hats, gloves, and fleece pants kept us cozy. And, monster-sized veggie sammies kept us fueled for the 7.5 mile roundtrip hike.

My favorite spot on the hike:

Horseshoe Creek Falls

Unfortunately, the last stretch of the hike was impassable due to a creek crossing over a massive slippery rock. The water level was too high for a safe crossing, so we stopped just shy of the last waterfall and had lunch before turning back to the trailhead. Want to know the funniest part? I was looking through old photographs and discovered that the last time Tim and I hiked this trail was exactly 5 years ago (well, minus 1 day, but still!)!! We didn’t plan that, it was simply coincidental!!

This hike was just what I needed to get me even more excited for warmer weather and lots of hiking and backpacking. Nothing compares to being surrounded by the comforts and sounds of nature.


I Saw Some Sunshine!

Hiking and backpacking are two of my favorite outdoor activities. Early summer weather is usually perfect for enjoying both of these. However, as I have mentioned in previous posts, the weather in Portland has been stuck in a late wintry phase for quite some time. While I love cloudy days, I am ready to immerse myself in the outdoors…away from the city.

Last weekend the sun made an appearance for a day, and my boyfriend and I took full advantage! Letting Tim chose the hike often results in overgrown, unmaintained, or very crowded trails (but beautiful nonetheless!). This time around, he choose a hike in Silver Falls State Park. More of a leisurely stroll than an endurance-busting hike, this trail boasts ten waterfalls (and it is just over an hour from Portland, which is nice)! We packed a lunch and walked the seven-mile loop taking in views. We even saw a girl in a flowy skirt and flip flops, which seemed a wee bit weird since the trail is wet and muddy most of the time due to all the water. Snicker, snicker…

I plan on baking up a storm this weekend so hopefully I will have some tasty treat photos soon!