Fill Your Buns!

Remember my Buns of Fluff post? Well, now you get to find out what happened with those fine buns! We make a lot of veggie burgers in our apartment. More often than not, we make the beet burgers from Color Me Vegan. The recipe is full of wholesome ingredients and the burgers hold their shape perfectly. I’ve successfully served them to my non-vegan parents and passed the recipe along to several interested friends. They never fail! But, since my Vegan MoFo theme is to try new recipes from cookbooks/magazines I own, I had to step outside my vegan burger comfort zone and fill my buns with something different. That something different turned out to be equally delicious!

While not as strikingly pretty as a beet burger, the Mushroom Pecan burgers from Let Them Eat Vegan are definitely worthy of a gold star. They are filled with mushrooms, onions, oats, pecans, spices, tahini (!!!), and a medley of other ingredients. This is another burger that holds together nicely and appreciates whatever condiments you love most. I think my buns were mighty happy.

Burger Mania

Goodness, it certainly has been a long time since my last post. I have two good reasons for my absence from the blog world: (1) I got a new job – more on that in a moment, and (2) I spent the last two weeks dog-sitting for my dear friend Kittee. Since Tim and I don’t have companion animals of our own, it was fun to spend time with Vee:

Vee loves pumpkin, smoked tofu, sweet potato, and treats. He also loves long walks and company. He grew so fond of Tim that near the end of our time together he completely ignored me! It should be noted that most dogs want to attack Tim (once when we were backpacking a dog met us on the trail and shredded Tim’s shorts). Vee is the only exception – so far…

You’re probably wondering why this post is entitled “Burger Mania” when I am rambling on about dogs, right? Well, when Tim and I were at Kittee’s we ate some pretty delicious food. Kittee left us some homemade vegan burger patties in her freezer and we enjoyed them for lunch on our first day:

Kittee’s Amazing Vegan Burger

I already knew Kittee was a spectacular cook/baker so it was no surprise when I declared this “the best burger ever”. Seriously. We topped our patties with mayo, pickles, ketchup, mustard, spinach, and Follow Your Heart cheddar. Amazing. This photo was selected for and appeared on the Flickr blog on March 3, 2011! Vegan burgers for the win!!

Needless to say, Tim and I were sad when Kittee’s burgers met their final day of consumption. We flipped through cookbooks at home and decided to make our own burgers to keep our tummies happy:

Beet Burger

The recipe for these hearty, healthy, delicious burgers is in Color Me Vegan by Coleen Patrick-Goudreau. They are incredibly quick and simple to prepare. I added a few tablespoons of almond butter to the mix and they turned out perfectly. The recipes makes enough burgers for leftovers and they freeze well. Once again, vegan burgers for the win!

And finally, I got a new job! I was actually hired back in February but haven’t had much time to mention the news sooner. I am working for an amazing vegan woman (!!!) as a personal assistant and organizer. The job is part-time and I can ride my bike to her place. The hours are flexible and I enjoy what I am doing. I am really happy that my patience in the pursuit of career satisfaction paid off. It’s about time. Plus, I can cross my goal of “Find a Job” off my list for 2011. Check!

Life is coming together nicely. Hooray!