“T” is for Tamales


On Thursday evening Tim and I made tamales for the first time (I admittedly used to be creeped out by dried corn husks so tamales were a no-no). We used the recipe for Black Bean Tamales from the October 2009  issue of VegNews. The verdict? I have been missing out all these years! Goodness, tamales are not only fun to make (although time-consuming) but you get to unwrap them like you would a present before you eat them!!! How cool is that? We ate ours with lots of avocado on the side, but a mole sauce or salsa would have made our meal all the better – next time!!!

Tamales 1

Before opening the tamales

Tamales 2

After opening the tamales (they are kind of ugly without the corn husk wrapper)

What’s to come in future posts:

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