Sweet & Sara Marshmallows

I am a big fan of sugar. Perhaps that is why I enjoy baking so much. I am also a big fan of kale, but I’m not here to discuss kale today. Nope, I am here to discuss my most favorite vegan marshmallows, made by Sweet & Sara!! Are you familiar with Sweet & Sara marshmallows? If not, here is a description of their wonderfulness, straight from the website:

“These creamy, soft pillows of sweet goodness infused with Madagascar vanilla will melt in your mouth. These tantalizing tidbits are perfect when roasted over a fire for s’mores, melted into rice crispy treats, dunked in hot cocoa, or just popped into your mouth!”

Yeah, that’s about right!

I recently ordered a 2-pound bag (!!!) of discounted marshmallows from the Sweet & Sara website. You see, I am also a big fan of deals and couldn’t resist a hefty stash of marshmallows for my belly pantry. My package arrived today and I am overly excited to create delicious treats! Rice crispy treats and topping off mugs of hot chocolate come to mind. What else should I make? I need your advice, favorite recipes, ideas, motivation!