Super Veggie Soup

Dinner tonight was a hearty vegetable soup. Tim and I started following a recipe and eventually decided to adapt it to suit our own tastes. There is nothing like a big, steaming bowl of soup on a rainy night. Well, add a few episodes of Cheers to the mix and everything is just about perfect.

This bowl was loaded with carrots, potatoes, celery, kale, onions, corn, and a medley of herbs and spices. It was wonderful.

What’s your favorite soup?

Soup Overflow

The sun was shining brightly in Portland today but it just might snow tomorrow! It rarely snows here and I get incredibly excited when the fluffy white flakes do fall. I grew up near Lake Erie in Pennsylvania where snow in the winter meant building snow caves in the backyard, sledding down steep hills, cross country skiing around the house, and suiting up in multiple layers of cozy (hand-me-down) winter apparel. Regardless of whether or not it snows, Tim and I have plans to go snowshoeing near Mt. Hood. In the meantime, we are fueling up on soup (more soup!) and sandwiches from Sweetpea Baking Company. We received a gift certificate for the holidays and have been enjoying bike rides over to Sweetpea for lunch.

Over the weekend we feasted on Greek Lentil Soup (my choice) and the Schwegmann, a double-decker grilled cheese sandwich (Tim’s choice, although I had several monster-sized nibbles).

I seem to have mastered the skill of taking crooked photographs! I blame my crooked shoulders.

Today we had Creamy Sweet Potato Soup and the Wilson Brothers Sandwich (thinly sliced seitan and grilled onions served with au jus). Both were excellent!

Oh, and Tim had a Chocolate Pudding Tart for dessert.

Keep your fingers crossed for snow tomorrow!

Soup it Up

It’s no secret that chilly weather and soup complement one another nicely. I love soup for two main reasons:  (1) it is incredibly easy to make, and (2) you can enjoy it with bread/rolls. I suppose the fact that it is nurturing, warming, and delicious helps too.

I gave Tim a copy of Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry for Christmas and we have been enjoying some of the recipes over the last few weeks. One of our favorites was the Potato Rosemary Soup. We halved the recipe and had enough for several meals. The portions were generous too. Yukon potatoes made the soup a beautiful, bright yellow and the subtle rosemary flavor was just perfect. If you own Vegan Soul Kitchen, I recommend making this soup – it’s thick, creamy, filling, and fantastic! Tim used to hate soup and every time we make soup he claims the current bowl his new favorite. Right now, this soup is his favorite.

Hope you are all keeping warm and cozy (at least in the Northern hemisphere)!

Hey Winner!

Just a quick post to announce the winner of the Make Your Place book giveaway… Random Number Generator says… Comment #24. That’s Kim from the Veg-in-Training blog!!!! Kim’s favorite eco-friendly cleaning tips:  “I am in the lemon/baking soda fan club for cleaning porcelain sinks and tubs. I also like to sprinkle lavender oil in baking soda and use it as a carpet freshener. I use lavender oil and vinegar for fabric softener on occasion too”.  I actually had the pleasure of meeting Kim over the summer when she was in Portland with her husband and she was sweet enough to bring me jalapeno salt and chili powder from Arizona!!! Nice! I will contact you via e-mail Kim so we can arrange shipping of your book. Woohooo!!!! Congratulations!

On a side note, if it’s getting a bit chilly in your neighborhood, make this soup. (You could probably find a tasty bread recipe to go along with it while you are visiting Seitan is My Motor):

Curried Pumpkin Soup with Seitan – A perfectly warming, smoky, spicy, flavorful soup.

And, on Friday I will be hosting yet another giveaway, so keep your eyes on the screen.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Curried Sweet Potato & Wild Rice Soup


I keep a bunch of recipes in a huge binder on my cookbook shelf. Most of these recipes have been printed off the internet with the good intention of making each and every one. But, as my collection continues to grow, I end up forgetting about at least half of the recipes. I also have a folder of printed recipes – this folder holds the recipes that I know I want to make within the next week. One recipe that made its way into the high priority folder was one for a Curried Sweet Potato & Wild Rice Soup. Lindsay from the awesome Happy Herbivore blog posted the recipe last week. What a wonderful soup!!! Tim and I enjoyed big bowls (doubled, the recipe yields about four generous servings) for dinner Wednesday evening. We made two small changes: instead of soy milk, we used coconut milk; and we topped each bowl with some toasted cashews (along with the rice).

Curried Sweet Potato Soup 1

Perfectly creamy, well-spiced, and simple to prepare – thanks for the recipe Lindsay!!!

Curried Soup 2

Annnnnnnd, this post makes 15 posts in a row!!!! Hooray for Vegan MoFo!!!