Scentaholic (and a giveaway!!!)

A few weeks ago Soy Candles by Phebes contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their candles. I was delighted at the opportunity considering I had a bit of an obsession with all things scented when I was an adolescent (ooooh, scent is the latter part of adolescent… Nifty, no?!). I was keen on scented erasers, lip balms, pens, candles, lotions, and stickers (remember scratch-n-sniffs?). I’ve grown out of that phase, but do still enjoy lighting candles when the need to relax makes itself present.

I received two candles from Soy Candles by Phebes (thank you, Mike!!): clementine and lavender. When I visited their website, I discovered that there are around fifty different scents available. Fifty! You are guaranteed to find at least a dozen that will float your boat. Plus, they are hand-crafted, made-to-order, vegan-friendly, and generously sized at 8.5 ounces (in a nice, sturdy glass jar). There is no room for disappointment!

I excitedly opened the boxes my candles came in and sniffed, sniffed, sniffed. The lavender candle immediately took me back to my childhood. My grandmother had this wee oval tin with a scented candle inside that smelled almost identical to the Phebes lavender candle. She kept it in a drawer and whenever I visited her I would take the tin out of the drawer and smell the candle. My grandmother passed away almost a decade ago so I no longer have the ability to rummage through her drawer just to sniff my favorite candle. Needless to say, I lit the lavender candle first. The scent is soft, delicate, and soothing. It isn’t overpowering like some candles; instead it filled my apartment with a light cloud of lavender aroma. I love it! Even Tim, whose is obviously a dude, likes the smell.

The clementine candle smells just like it should: fruity, citrus-y, vanilla-y. Since the clementine is one of my favorite fruits, I was mighty happy with the aroma wafting from the jar. I haven’t burned the clementine candle yet, but when I do, I will be eating a bowl of clementines!

Do you like candles? Does your home stink? Do you need some relaxing scents drifting about under your nostrils? Well guess what? The generous and kind folks at Soy Candles by Phebes are giving one lucky reader a free candle (of the winner’s choice)!! Yeah! All you need to do is visit their website and leave me a comment telling me what scent you would like to receive. Easy as heck! I will randomly choose a winner on Monday, June 28th. Good luck!!!

And, if you read one of my previous posts, you will know that I am taking part in Portland’s 2010 Run for Congo Women on June 26, 2010. I am only $155 shy of my goal (which is $500). If you want to donate funds to a great cause, please consider helping me reach my goal. I would be most appreciative!!! It is a challenging 5K run on a forested trail and all money raised will help the women of the Congo and also raise awareness of the devastation occurring in the Congo. I am running with a small team of vegans and we have raised over $1,600 so far!!! Yeah!!! Thank you in advance if you make a donation. And thank you to the folks who have already donated – it means so much to me!

Run for Congo Women 2010

Hello everybody!

I hope that the onset of summer is putting smiles on your faces and yummy foods on your tables. It is still a bit gray and rainy in Portland, but I won’t complain because I love the rain. That’s why the Pacific Northwest has such wonderful fruits, vegetables, and green forests!!!

Anyways… On June 26th, my friends and I are taking part in Portland’s 2010 Run for Congo Women. Our team is “Go Vegan!” (clever, huh?) and we will be running a challenging 5K on a forested trail. The funds raised by all participants will benefit the women of Congo and help raise some much needed awareness about the devastation happening in the Congo.  If you are not familiar with the atrocities, you can watch the video below. Lisa Shannon, the creator of Run for Congo Women and author of “A Thousand Sisters” speaks about the suffering in the Congo and her journey toward helping women and children in the Congo. She is absolutely amazing and I encourage everybody to watch the video.

I have set up a fundraising website and I hope that fellow bloggers/readers will donate some funds to help the women and children of the Congo. I would LOVE to surpass my goal of $250. I know funds are tight for many of us (including myself) but this is such a worthy cause – I promise. Please consider making a donation. You will be helping women and children who need our love and support. I will mail a set of handmade cards (made by me) to each person who makes a donation. Just leave me a comment on this post letting me know you made a donation and I will contact you to arrange for shipping of the cards (make sure you leave a valid e-mail address). Thanks so much!

Oh! And if anybody has any training tips for a 5K run (stretches, food to eat before the run, maintaining a good pace, etc.) please let me know!