“E” is for Eating Bread

Lately soups, stews, and chilis have been dominating my weekly meal plans. I look forward to the chilly, rainy weather all year because it means cozy dinners and skies thick with clouds. I don’t meet too many people who share my love for gray days, but I do meet plenty of people who love a good bowl of soup served with homemade bread. My passion for baking isn’t just about satisfying my sweet tooth – a warm, crusty loaf of bread straight from the oven (and slathered with dip or vegan butter) can’t be beat on a cold night. Here are a few of my favorite homemade bread (and one magically delicious roll) recipes:

  1. Rye Bread
  2. Dangerously Seedy Potato Bread
  3. Thyme Flatbread
  4. Whole Wheat Bread
  5. Coconut Mango Rolls