I recently participated in a PPK package swap and was the lucky recipient of a package from the creator of theĀ Intellectual Blackout blog. Inside my package was an awesome variety of candies, chocolates, green tea, Turkish Delight, handmade pins, a beautiful bookmark (also handmade), an art zine, a make-your-own bag kit, mix CDs, and a cute rabbit keychain. I love swaps!!! Tim and I have devoured most of the chocolates and a bit of the candy; I actually hid the candy to make it last longer (although we both know where it is so it isn’t really hidden I suppose). I am super excited to get out my sewing machine to make the bag and some of the buttons are on my backpack. Here are some shots of the goods:

Swap 1

Swap 2

Swap 3

Swap 4

I Love My Bike

T Delights

Thanks so much for the amazing package Z!!! I loved every ounce and I am super psyched to fill my homemade bag with stuff.