“Z” is for Zines!

Well, with the inclusion of this post, I have successfully plowed through the entire alphabet! Phew! I definitely did not stick to some of my planned posts, but time has a way of changing stuff sometimes. Today’s post is a super quickie: I just want to mention a vegan cookzine that I love:

Papa Tofu by Kittee

[Kittee's photo]

I love this hefty zine (76 pages) filled with personality, recipes, kitchen advice, and crafty fun. If you have a monstrous sweet tooth, then you will appreciate the “Tooth Rotters” chapter which comprises at least half of Papa Tofu. I read the zine from cover to cover and decided that I need to make the Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Peanut Butter Creme, the Orange Cake, Stuffed Tofu Pockets, Cheeze Grits, and Yemiser W’et. Mmmmmmm…hmmmmmm! Kittee is pretty darn funky-fresh and her recipes will melt you into a puddle of vegan goop. That’s a good thing! Head on over to her Etsy shop and get yourself a copy of Papa Tofu and then dirty your apron making every single fliptastic recipe.

The remainder of my MoFo posts will hopefully include some book reviews, a crazy smoothie, and maybe a video of something silly. Who knows? Anything can happen in three days…