Quick quiz: What is the ULTIMATE vegan cookzine?

Answer: Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food!!

Raise your hand if you own a copy of Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food. Wait, what? You don’t have a copy? Well, I highly suggest visiting Kittee’s website and purchasing one, like, right this second. I’ll wait…

OK, ready? Tim and I had a very active day on Thursday. It started with taking Kittee’s dog for a hike in the Oregon wilderness. He loved it! Midway, we had lunch, lounged in the sunshine, and ran in circles. Don’t you just love his mohawk?

When we got home from our hike, we made mac-n-cheese for dinner. It’s finally getting chilly enough in the evenings for comfort food. That makes me so happy! Now, this wasn’t your average mac-n-cheese. Aside from being vegan (of course), it was southern style! The recipe hails from the aforementioned Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food, but you can also find it on Kittee’s blog, here. It is smoky, spicy, cheesy, and delicious. We served it with a side of steamed kale, for the sake of getting our greens.

During dinner we watched 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and The Big Bang Theory (I love Thursday night shows!). After dinner I made hot chocolate topped with Dandies. Busy, busy.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Today I am here to promote my dear friend Kittee’s newest cookzine: Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food. I’ve known Kittee for almost a year now and every time we spend the day together she feeds me the most delicious food. She’s a whiz at creating vegan and gluten-free recipes and this cookzine is a hefty, 85 page masterpiece that proves her culinary skills. Not only are the pages filled with tips, guidance, and recipes, but also Kittee’s hand-crafted artwork. I can tell you with complete confidence that this is definitely a necessary addition to any cookbook shelf. You won’t be disappointed, I promise! Want a copy? Kittee is selling Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food through her website so purchase a copy and support a truly talented and wonderful vegan.

Here are a few examples of what I have made from Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food:

Bakela Dinich W’et (Soy Curls and Potatoes in Spicy Gravy)I added the suggested avocado on top and also untraditionalized the dish by adding chard – oooops!

Ye’miser Sambusas (Spicy Lentil-Filled Pastries)

If you want to see more photographs of recipes from Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food, check out the Flickr group Kittee created. If the photographs alone don’t entice you (shame on you!), maybe knowing that one of the recipes is for an Ethiopian style mac-n-cheese will convince you to purchase this delightful cookzine?