Lunch Date!

Today I am straying from my theme of making new recipes from my cookbook collection. I am going to post about how I ate someplace new instead. That’s kind of similar, right? My friend Kittee and I ventured into SE Portland to have lunch at Canteen on Wednesday afternoon. Canteen is a sweet little cafe that serves bowl meals (YAY!!), salads, smoothies, juices, desserts, and alcoholic beverages. The interior is bright and airy. Despite its tiny size, it can pack in quite a crowd. There is plenty of outdoor seating too, some of which is covered – perfect for Portland’s rainy season(s)!


Kittee and I sat inside on our visit because it was terribly windy outside. I almost blew away earlier in the day but the 50-pound bag of injera Kittee made me carry around her neighborhood saved me. She also made me chase down a bag of dog poo, but let’s not talk about that…

Back to the food! Kittee opted for The Orange One smoothie (banana, orange, vanilla, almond milk, and dates):

I had the Portland Bowl. It was a mix of quinoa, black beans, steamed kale, carrots, maple tempeh, local hazelnuts, and a magical sauce. I devoured half of the hefty portion and saved the rest for Tim. It was a lovely combination of flavors. I did detect a hint of cilantro, perhaps in the sauce? I don’t like cilantro, but it wasn’t strong enough to ruin my meal. I love wholesome, nourishing, filling food and this bowl hit the spot.

It’s fun to explore new places, especially when you have the company of a good friend. Thanks for a super day Kittee! We should do it again sometime!