Lunch Date!

Today I am straying from my theme of making new recipes from my cookbook collection. I am going to post about how I ate someplace new instead. That’s kind of similar, right? My friend Kittee and I ventured into SE Portland to have lunch at Canteen on Wednesday afternoon. Canteen is a sweet little cafe that serves bowl meals (YAY!!), salads, smoothies, juices, desserts, and alcoholic beverages. The interior is bright and airy. Despite its tiny size, it can pack in quite a crowd. There is plenty of outdoor seating too, some of which is covered – perfect for Portland’s rainy season(s)!


Kittee and I sat inside on our visit because it was terribly windy outside. I almost blew away earlier in the day but the 50-pound bag of injera Kittee made me carry around her neighborhood saved me. She also made me chase down a bag of dog poo, but let’s not talk about that…

Back to the food! Kittee opted for The Orange One smoothie (banana, orange, vanilla, almond milk, and dates):

I had the Portland Bowl. It was a mix of quinoa, black beans, steamed kale, carrots, maple tempeh, local hazelnuts, and a magical sauce. I devoured half of the hefty portion and saved the rest for Tim. It was a lovely combination of flavors. I did detect a hint of cilantro, perhaps in the sauce? I don’t like cilantro, but it wasn’t strong enough to ruin my meal. I love wholesome, nourishing, filling food and this bowl hit the spot.

It’s fun to explore new places, especially when you have the company of a good friend. Thanks for a super day Kittee! We should do it again sometime!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Today I am here to promote my dear friend Kittee’s newest cookzine: Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food. I’ve known Kittee for almost a year now and every time we spend the day together she feeds me the most delicious food. She’s a whiz at creating vegan and gluten-free recipes and this cookzine is a hefty, 85 page masterpiece that proves her culinary skills. Not only are the pages filled with tips, guidance, and recipes, but also Kittee’s hand-crafted artwork. I can tell you with complete confidence that this is definitely a necessary addition to any cookbook shelf. You won’t be disappointed, I promise! Want a copy? Kittee is selling Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food through her website so purchase a copy and support a truly talented and wonderful vegan.

Here are a few examples of what I have made from Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food:

Bakela Dinich W’et (Soy Curls and Potatoes in Spicy Gravy)I added the suggested avocado on top and also untraditionalized the dish by adding chard – oooops!

Ye’miser Sambusas (Spicy Lentil-Filled Pastries)

If you want to see more photographs of recipes from Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food, check out the Flickr group Kittee created. If the photographs alone don’t entice you (shame on you!), maybe knowing that one of the recipes is for an Ethiopian style mac-n-cheese will convince you to purchase this delightful cookzine?

Stuffing Cookies

Today I spent a majority of my time in the kitchen baking cookies (and bread). My birthday cupcakes haven’t disappeared and neither has the delicious vegan fudge spread Tim’s mom sent me. It seems as though a sugar palace exists in my apartment! I am not fretting too much though because Tim loves treats and can eat them before I overindulge. The cookies I baked today are a test recipe for Kittee’s forthcoming vegan and gluten-free cookzine. She is a gluten-deleting wonder!

The recipe is for Marshmallow Stuffed Cookies. They have three simple steps: bake the cookies, add the marshmallows (Dandies, in this case), and coat in a chocolaty glaze (therefore encasing the marshmallows). Here are the cookies before being glazed:

They look like cookie faces, don’t they?

And after:

In my clumsiness, I managed to sweep my fingers through the glazed tops of at least half the cookies. I need a vegan robot buddy to help me transport cookies from a cooling rack to a plate.

These cookies are sweet, delicious, fun to make, and even more fun to eat. If you don’t tell people there is a marshmallow surprise hiding under the glaze, they will be delighted when they bite into their cookie(s)!