A Few Things I Love

Work was busy today. Holiday orders, lots of customers, and folding a millionĀ hoodies kept me on my toes. The weather switched between rain and sunshine. I sampled a co-worker’s homemade cheddar from Artisan Vegan Cheese. Overall, it was a productive, fulfilling day. Here are some photographs of my favorite places inside Herbivore:

Herbivore 01December Photo Project 2012: Day #14

I love looking out the doors any time of day. I took this photograph when it was sunny and raining at the same time. You can’t see the rain, but it was the start of a crazy downpour. Just outside the doors is a huge street space dedicated to bike parking! The dude mannequin on the right side of the frame is my favorite. I get to undress him and fancy him up in new duds once a week. He doesn’t even get embarrassed!

Herbivore 02

A portion of the bookshelves that hold a massive quantity of vegan literature, cookbooks, journals, calendars, and more. This is my favorite spot in the whole store. I am forever tidying crooked books and restocking the shelves. New books bring me great joy.

That’s all for today. My heart goes out to all the folks affected by the incident in Connecticut.




The past few weeks have been very busy. Most of my time was spent working and trying to keep up with to-do lists that won’t stop growing (like the pile of dishes in my kitchen sink!). Yesterday was a pretty exciting day at work and I thought it might be fun to share why it was so special!

You see, Herbivore hosted a pop-up shop for Vaute Couture and I was there to enjoy it from start to finish. I even made (and ate) cupcakes for the event! I spent the day with Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, the founder/creator of Vaute Couture. She is the sweetest, loveliest person!!! For those of you who don’t know, Vaute Couture specializes in gorgeous, vegan, and sustainable outerwear (made in the USA!!!) – mainly super stylish coats for men and women. I saw the coats in person for the first time and they are absolutely amazing – soft, warm, and fashionable.

Before I left for the day, Leanne and I captured a moment with a cupcake:

And, here is a close-up shot of the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting I made:

Fun day!

Speaking of Herbivore, there is a new poster available for purchase online and in the retail store! Check it out:

Nifty huh? Get one to hang up in your kitchen!