Dinner & Dessert

Happy, happy, happy Spring!!

I worked all day today and came home exhausted, especially after riding my bike straight into some fierce wind. You would think with a change of seasons the wind and rain would go away (even if just for one day). Apparently Portland is holding on tight to dreary weather a little longer…

Tim was a champ and made dinner while I battled the mighty winds (Mother Nature’s winds, NOT gas!):

Quinoa, Tofu, and Kale with Walnut Pesto from Color Me Vegan by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

I completely forgot to add the kale to my bowl before I photographed it – ooooops! This meal was so simple, clean, and delicious. We’ve made several recipes from Colleen’s new book and have enjoyed them all.

The woman I work for brought me a to-go meal from Blossoming Lotus before I left to head home (thank you!). That will most certainly be lunch for Tim and I tomorrow. It is the Southwest Bowl, which consists of brown rice, butternut and black bean chili, avocado ranch, roasted red pepper sour cream, and scallions!! Sounds incredible, right? Hopefully I can take a photograph to share with everybody.

What about dessert? Well, hand pies have been flying out of my oven lately:

Strawberry Hand Pies! The recipe is courtesy of Kittee, who is diligently working on her next cookzine (click here to order her first cookzine, Papa Tofu) – guaranteed to be amazing. She has a knack for sweets and ethnic foods – total treasures for your tummy!

I made some chocolate pudding hand pies as well, but they erupted in the oven. They were still enjoyable, just too messy to be considered a hand pie (more of a spoon and fork pie!). Oh well!

Hope you all enjoyed the first day of Spring. Send me some sunshine (please)!

“W” is for Whiffies


Whiffies Truck

What isĀ Whiffies? Well, let me tell you! Whiffies is the name of a fried pie cart in Portland that serves up sweet and savory hand pies. They even have vegan options (and a separate vegan fryer for those vegan pies – how nice, right?!). Tim and I had never visited Whiffies prior to last Saturday night so we decided to take the plunge. Unlike most folks, I am not a fan of fried stuff (except for frites) but late night treats are usually (always) an exception. I opted for a Pumpkin Creme pie and Tim chose a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip pie. We didn’t have to wait long and the surrounding crowds provided plenty of entertainment (it was especially amusing to make mean faces and scoff at a girl wearing a real fur coat). Anyways, back to the pies!!! Golden flaky crusts and generous amounts of filling make the $3 price worth every penny, but let me just caution you: sometimes the filling can explode out of the shell and down your chin, onto your pants, and perhaps your shoe too. Messy indeed, but tasty too. My pumpkin filling reminded me of pumpkin pie and Tim’s filling was as it should be – a perfect balance of peanut butter and melty chocolate chips. However, we will reserve future trips to Whiffies for special occasions only because my tummy can’t handle a whole pie plus bites (and bites) of Tim’s pie. Here’s a shot of the nice end of my pie all fancied up at home:

Whiffie Pie

Annnnnnnd, just for some extra fun, here is what happens when I have Whiffies pie filling running down my face while trying to take a photo of Tim eating his pie without properly adjusting my camera setting because I am holding the camera with only one hand (pie in the other):

Whiffies make me loopy