End of the Year Giveaway!

I have a fun little giveaway for you today! It’s basically my way of saying thank you for following along with me during a year filled with food, adventure, and photography. There have definitely been times when I have wanted to stop blogging, but comments from readers always keep me motivated to continue. So, thank YOU!

Included in the giveaway pack: free product coupons (3) for Galaxy Nutritional Foods, stickers from Food Fight Grocery and Herbivore Clothing Company, Vega Vanilla Protein Powder packet, Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats (2 sample packets), Crazy Rumors Banana Split Lip Balm, handmade cards from Chirp Cards (check out my Etsy shop!), a Kiss My Face Eye Repair Cream and Creamy Face Cleanser (sample packets), a Dandies Marshmallow pin, a mini Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar, and a mini PB&J Lara Bar. There might also be a few chocolaty surprises thrown into the mix! Pretty exciting, right?

To enter, just leave a comment here telling me one thing you hope to accomplish in 2012. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is only open to US residents. I will be having two more giveaways in the upcoming months, one which will be open to international residents – so don’t be sad! You have until Saturday, December 31st at midnight PST. I will randomly select and announce the winner on January 1, 2012! Good luck everybody and Happy (almost) New Year!

Intermission for a Giveaway!

It’s time for a giveaway! Since October is the Vegan Month of Food, I figured this giveaway should be related to delicious vegan food. Makes sense, right?

Recently I had the opportunity to do a product review for Galaxy Nutritional Foods. They make some wonderful vegan cheeses (blocks, slices, and spreads) and while I don’t often buy vegan cheese alternatives, it is always nice to have tasty options. Galaxy’s products do not disappoint. They make both rice and soy-based cheeses (perfect for people with food allergies) and they also make the most amazing vegan cream cheese spreads. The kind folks at Galaxy agreed to send me coupons to pass on to some lucky readers. The coupons are good for one free Galaxy product of your choice! If you would like to be entered in the giveaway, visit Galaxy’s website and leave a comment here telling me which product you would choose. I will select two winners at random on Monday, October 10th at 9pm PST. Each winner will receive several free product coupons. Good luck!

Batch of Brownies Giveaway!!! (You Know You Want Some)

With the holidays approaching it might be nice to enjoy some indulgence you don’t have to bake yourself, right? I have been stuffing my freezer (and belly) with oodles of brownies over the last several months. As a result, the fudgy brownie and I are quickly becoming enemies (can you imagine?). Writing a vegan brownie cookbook is challenging. Eating batch after batch of brownies is downright crazy nonsense. I want to share some brownies! Are you interested? Good!

You have the chance to win a batch of Peppermint Crunch Brownies:


A batch of Cookies-n-Cream Brownies:

To enter the contest, leave a comment below answering this question: “If you could share the ultimate brownie sundae with anybody in the world, who would it be?”

Be creative with your answers!!! I will randomly select a winner on December 16th. Due to cost and freshness issues, this contest is only open to folks living in the US. Sorry :(

**If the selected winner happens to be gluten-free, I can substitute my Double Chocolate Ultra Fudgy Gluten-Free Brownies instead. If the winner happens to be soy-free, I can work around that too.**

Good luck! I am looking forward to your responses!!!

“X” is for (e)Xciting Giveaway!!

Yes, I realize misspelling “exciting” just to get away with an X-themed post is cheating, but it’s been a long day and I don’t know enough about xanthan gum for a proper X-themed post. Besides, giveaways are more fun!

My day has been incredibly relaxing. I did an hour of yoga on my living room floor and then singed some of my hair off when I got too close to the simmering pot of cranberry sauce on the stove (my hair fell onto the burner!). After dinner Tim and I played Scrabble (I won) and pretty soon we are making steamy mugs of hot chocolate! We need to save our energy for tomorrow’s annual Fur Free Friday march in downtown Portland. It’s a peaceful march protesting the sale of fur. This will be our third year attending and I love being amidst compassionate folks speaking out for the animals. If there is a Fur Free Friday march happening in your town, I encourage you to go.

Now for the (e)xciting giveaway!!! Over the summer I opened an Etsy shop, Chirp Cards, where I sell handmade cards. With the holiday season in full swing, I thought it might be nice to host a little giveaway featuring cards from my shop. If you’d like to be entered in the contest, visit my shop and leave a comment here telling me which two cards you would like to win. I will randomly choose a winner on Monday, November 29th. The winner will receive the two cards they chose plus an extra surprise. This contest is open to everybody – so there’s no reason not to enter, right?

Good luck :)


“S” is for So Delicious Giveaway

I seem to have acquired an abundance of coupon booklets for So Delicious coconut milk products. So Delicious is a line of products from Turtle Mountain, a natural foods company headquartered in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. They have specialized in the creation and production of all-natural dairy free products since 1987. And you know what? They make some good stuff! Each coupon booklet contains six (6!) coupons good for a variety of dairy-free coconut milk products. I have four booklets. That means four of you will win! If you want to enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me which So Delicious coconut milk product you enjoy or wish you could try. I will select four winners on Monday, November 22nd. Good luck!!!