Filling Up With Falafel

My final days in Omaha filled my belly with more than just pie (coconut creme pie, mixed berry cobbler, and apple crumb mini pies to name a few). On one afternoon, Isa, John, and I took advantage of sunny skies, 70 degree temperatures, and a local falafel joint not too far from their house, Amsterdam Falafel & Kebab:

My love for pita, tahini, chickpeas, and curry made this meal a favorite during my stay in Omaha:

Falafel Sandwich!

Side of Curry Fries!

Wow. This meal was insanely delicious. I wish Portland had a vegetarian falafel joint within walking distance of my apartment. I am going to miss Omaha’s vegan food offerings. Every meal was special, from the sushi, to the baguette sandwich, to the falafel and curry fries. Thank you, Isa and John, for being such wonderful hosts!


What’s one to do when there is a happy stash of homemade pita in the freezer and a grumbling belly waiting for dinner? Make falafel!! Last night I prepared a new kind of falafel made with sweet potatoes instead of chickpeas. The recipe is from Fat Free Vegan and it is delightfully delicious!! I halved the recipe and it made just enough for two meals. The accompanying Yogurt-Tahini Sauce is my new favorite. It has a sweet tang from the addition of ketchup, but all the richness I love from tahini – so good! 


And, a lil’ sweetness for dessert:


Tasty (well one of them was) vegan donuts from Voodoo Donut in Portland. I rode my bike over to Voodoo to satisfy a treat craving last night. Believe it or not, this was my first time visiting Voodoo. The donut on the left is a chocolate-glazed, custard-filled. The donut on the right was kind of stale, lemony (way too lemony), and dry. There was quite a selection of vegan donuts to choose from which was nice. I also tasted a regular glazed donut because apparently that’s how you tell if a place makes good donuts, you base it off their plain donuts. It was good. Fresh, sweet, donutty. Enough said. I shall let the icky lemon donut be forgotten…

Pita Surplus, a Mini Post

Well, since I have an overwhelming surplus of frozen pita ball dough in my freezer, tonight seemed like a good night for falafel. The best part about pita is that you can freeze the dough balls and then thaw and bake them in a snap! The falafel recipe is from Vegan with a Vengeance. Although I must admit, I did not make these. My boyfriend did. So he deserves the credit! It was nice to come home from work, sit my lazy self down, and eat some falafel…sooooo good (and big step for me…there was an entire onion in the falafel! so hooray, I ate onion). Dessert was a chocolate wacky cake (recipe from one of Mollie Katzen’s cookbooks for kids, I think it was Honest Pretzels) and some chocolate-mint-fudge soy ice cream. Sadly, there are no photos, but trust me when I say that everything was top notch delicious!