“C” is for Curry Leaves

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Would you believe that I purchased my first bag of curry leaves yesterday? It’s true! I was fortunate enough to spend two full days this week cooking, baking, and eating with the ever-so-wonderful Kittee (and her dog, Vee). We had a fabulous time whipping up brownies, pumpkin pretzels, ginger-fig jam, kale chips, and… sambar! I had no clue what sambar was when Kittee suggested we make it for our lunch/dinner yesterday. Do you know what sambar is? Sambar¬†is a vegetable soup made with tamarind,¬†toor dal, sambar powder (which has curry leaves), and obviously, vegetables. It is very popular in the southern regions of India and tastes incredible (if Kittee makes it for you!). Kittee did most of the work, I chopped an onion.

Making sambar powder requires toasting lots of wonderful spices.

Don’t worry! It’s not a real chicken.

Toasted spices ground up nicely and made into an aromatic powder.

Sambar, with a gluten-free pumpkin pretzel on the side. Yeah, that’s right, Kittee and I know how to eat. Check out her post featuring the same meal and some awesome photos.

I’m not sure what I will do with my curry leaves. The nice man at the store told me I could keep them in my freezer. I put them there last night and this morning our refrigerator/freezer stopped working! Bad curry leaves! Good sambar.