Knock, Knock. Who’s there?


Tahini who?


Ah hahaaa! Lame (not really a joke) joke. Goodness, it’s been awhile, huh? Let’s catch up on the last month, shall we?

First, Tim and I celebrated his birthday with cupcakes and lots of laziness:

Jaffa Cupcakes: Chocolate-orange cupcakes with orange frosting and drizzles of chocolate ganache. These were yummy.

Next, I attended an inspirational talk given by Jasmin Singer (big thanks to the Let Live Foundation for organizing this event!). The talk focused on how we can extend our advocacy beyond just the food on our plates, and speak up for animals in our daily lives. It was really wonderful to sit in a room full of people with a passion for animal activism. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget that we can all do more than just eat vegan food. Watch the talk and learn how you can use your talents to further help those without a voice:

Then, I baked up a few storms for Portland’s Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti. The sale made over $3,000!!! Woohoo!! Here are a few photos of the treats I made (with plenty of help from Tim!!!):

Rocky Road Cookies: Chocolate cookies with toasted almonds, dried sweet cherries, and vegan marshmallows.

Savory Soft Pretzels: Chewy, soft pretzels sprinkled with lots of yummy seeds.

Chocolate Almond Sandwich Cookies: Dark chocolate sandwiched between chewy almond cookie wafers.

And finally, Tim and I visited Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary in Estacada, OR. There was a big open house and lots of people showed up to meet, feed, and play with the resident animals. This was my first time visiting an animal sanctuary and I absolutely LOVED the experience!! My favorite animal was this sweet lil’ piggie who walked right up to me and gently snorted his wet snout in my face:

Here are some more photos of the animals we met:

My favorite part of the day was feeding the pigs lettuce and seeing just how happy they were waddling around in the mud!

My birthday is Wednesday, so stay tuned for photos of the cupcakes Tim will be baking!!!

“J” is for Joni Cookies!!!


A few weeks ago Joni from Just the Food (and co-author of soon-to-be-released 500 Vegan Recipes) and I decided to do a mini homemade package swap. I sent her a jar of Roasted Squashkin Butter and she sent me these lovelies (which arrived Wednesday and made my day since I have been home sick):

Joni's Pressies!

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe here, on Joni’s blog) and a handmade (by the amazingly crafty Joni herself) crocheted winter hat!!!! Wow!!! I wore the hat while munching on cookies (four to be exact, you know, spread throughout the day…) and sipping a lemon elixir meant to make me feel better (it did a bit). The cookies are delightfully perfectly crisp and peanut-buttery with a generous amount of chocolate chippies mixed into each bite. They are a great dip-in-a-glass-of-milk cookie. Thanks so much Joni!!!!!!!

Work in Progress…

…But actually finished! I was lucky to be selected to participate in the 60-Day Project for the incredibly super-cool-as-heck Shellyfish. The idea behind the project is to send Shel’s mom, who recently had a milestone birthday (her 60th!), a series of gifts from volunteers over 60 days. I love this idea and think it is very creative. I hope Shel’s mom is enjoying her steady flow of love from bloggers around the world. My gift goes in the mail today:


A beautiful ball of organic cotton and linen yarn (because she knits), pretty color, isn’t it?


A homemade card.


And, a few Snickerdoodles!

Hooray! Oh! And Happy Earth Day!!!!!!!!!!

Just Call Me a Cookie Addict, Will You?


Caraque Cookie Pastires

These pretty cookies were a test recipe for Celine and Joni’s cookbook. The recipe made six, and Tim and I ate all six in less than a day. Ooooooops. These are big shortbread-like cookies with chocolatey goodness, icing, and a fun candy on top. The devouring scenario went something like this:

(talking to self) “Okay, just one more bite.”

Hand reaches into fridge, removes lid from tupperware, takes a cookie out, and chomps happily away.

Cookie goes back into tupperware, lid goes back on tupperware, I leave the kitchen.

Five minutes pass.

(talking to self again) “Seriously, just one more bite.” (The bites growing bigger each time…)

Hand goes into tupperware, cookie disappears, the lid stays off, five minutes pass… See what I mean?! These cookies reminded me of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, only so much better. They are buttery, chocolatey, crispy, awesome. Oh, and did I mention they are easy to make? Now you must buy the 500 Vegan Recipes cookbook when it makes its way to your nearest bookstore! You just must!!!

Also, don’t forget to enter a comment here, for a chance to win some homemade bulk food/produce bags. It’s a new year, and it’s time to reduce our impact on the Earth. I will ship overseas, so don’t let that stop you from entering.

And, I added a Flickr link in my sidebar, so check it out!

Fur Free Friday

First off, thank you for the kind words regarding my previous post. A four-day weekend and a partner who has been taking awesome care of me is helping immensely. Cookies have helped too!

I participated in my first protest today (!), and I definitely see myself attending more in the near future. As a shy, quiet, and likes-to-hide-in-the-shadows kind of person, this protest dug deep within and had me shouting phrases like “Forty dead animals, one fur coat” while marching proudly in the front of the group. It was quite an afternoon. Portland had a great turnout for Fur Free Friday, an event that takes place in cities all over the country on the lamest (in my opinion) day of the year: Black Friday. It felt awesome to promote something other than obnoxious consumerism and 4 a.m. “early bird” sales. I’ve never been one to shop on Black Friday, but being out amongst those that do while communicating a powerful message was exhilarating. Plus, marching through the streets (police escorted) and holding up traffic is pretty satisfying, so says the evil twin who resides in me…

One last issue: please click here, and encourage the soon-to-come Obama Administration to bring change to the US Department of Agriculture. It only takes a few moments and it will help promote more humane agricultural policies nationwide. Thanks!