Cracker Snacker Part II

Vegan Cheesy Crackers

My favorite savory cracker recipe was created by my good friend and fellow blogger, Celine. She has a knack for developing delicious and unique recipes, all beautifully photographed. When I am craving savory crackers, I often turn to her Cheezy Quackers recipe for satiation. They are incredibly addictive and it’s easy to eat an entire batch because they are so tiny.

The crackers pictured above are adapted from The Vegan Lunch Box blog. I substituted whole grain flours, increased the nutritional yeast, added garlic powder, and topped them with poppy seeds. Otherwise I followed the recipe as posted. They definitely remind me Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, but obviously way better for you (and homemade!). They take some time but the results are worth it. I think they need a bit more seasoning so I may adjust my next batch.

If you are craving savory crackers you should give the above recipes a try!

Pass the Quackers!! Please.

My walk home from work today was far from routine. The usual four-mile route was riddled with obstacles, leaving me no choice but to make detours. Along the way, I was harassed by people trying to sell me video iPods, people asking for directions, and people making some rather unmentionable requests. Seriously! On a normal day I can walk along the esplanade, next to the river. It is quiet and scenic. Today was the exact opposite. With the annual Rose Festival going on, some minor construction, and a bunch of other nonsense, it took me much longer to reach the solace of my apartment. By the time I put my key in the door, I was hungry, moody, and tired. But something changed all of that…something that was waiting patiently for me in my mailbox…something from Celine! I ran upstairs with my last wee bit of energy, slammed my door and collapsed on the futon. Holding the package, I couldn’t help but think “Please be a treat, please be a treat, please be a treat…(greedlessly of course)”

It was a treat! Packaged so carefully in one of the biodegradable bags I sent Celine were Cheezy Quackers! Just what I needed! There was, however, a delay. A sticker on the packaging was warning me: DO NOT OPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I contemplated what to do. And then I opened the bag and ate about two dozen quackers. These savory crackers are incredibly addictive. Thank you so much Celine, for the awesome gift!