Tummy Fillers

This morning Tim and I joined some friends for brunch at Blossoming Lotus. We are fortunate to live less that a mile from this wonderful vegan cafe yet we rarely indulge in their delicious food. I think cooking at home will always be at the top of my list!

Tim chose the Benedict which had maple seitan sausage, hollandaise sauce, and some other stuff on a biscuit. I didn’t sample Tim’s meal, but he cleaned his plate with a smile!

I chose the Florentine Scramble which consisted of tempeh (I subbed tempeh in place of tofu), fresh arugula, basil-hempseed pesto, and cashew ricotta. It was very good, but a bit too salty for my tastes. Next time I think I will opt for the Breakfast Parfait which has sprouted buckwheat granola layered with fruit, nuts, and agave-sweetened cashew cream.

Yesterday I created a new recipe for my brownie cookbook: Raspberry Poppy Seed Brownies. They turned out beautifully. This first batch was topped with ganache. The next batch will have a drizzle of raspberry sauce instead since the ganache overpowered the raspberry flavor in the brownie.

And finally, last week Tim and I went snowshoeing with our friend Dave. We were greeted with blue skies right around lunch time – it was a gorgeous day!

It’s supposed to snow later this week so we might get one more opportunity for snowshoeing before spring arrives.


“B” is for Brunch


The luxury of sleeping in on weekends only gets better when combined with waffles, right? Right. Tim made me buckwheat waffles for breakfast on Saturday while I lazily read a book and demanded my food. I know waffles alone aren’t really brunch, but when you eat them around 11 a.m., it’s officially past the normal breakfast hour. Tim used the Buckwheat Waffles recipe from Vegan Brunch since we had a bunch of buckwheat flour in the cupboard. We topped them with homemade huckleberry jam (from huckleberries we picked ourselves while backpacking last month!!!). We ate them and we loved them.

bw waffles 3!