A Slice of This, A Slice of That

Is it terrible to admit that Tim and I shared two slices of dessert, plus a whoopie pie today? My lucky penny thinks it’s okay. Besides, I had a coupon from Back to Eden Bakery – Buy Two Treats, Get One Free. Who would pass up that opportunity?  We jumped on our bikes, huffed and puffed up a few hills, arrived at Back to Eden Bakery, and gazed into their display case of beautiful treats (seriously, everything is intricately perfect). It took some time before we decided on a slice of raspberry cheesecake, a slice of chai coconut cream pie, and a pumpkin whoopie pie (our staple favorite). We ate the raspberry cheesecake there and rode home in a downpour with the other two desserts (intended for much later in the day, of course!). I didn’t get a shot of the chai coconut cream pie, but here is the raspberry cheesecake right before Tim prodded his fork through the center:

It was delicious.

Speaking of delicious desserts, my friend Kris wrote a new cookbook – Have Your Cake and Vegan Too! Did you know? It is full of 50 recipes (and lots of accompanying photos taken by Kris) sure to make your tummy smile. The first recipe I made was a chocolate peanut butter layer cake:

Amazing! I am already flipping through the pages deciding what to make next. I might have to limit my slice intake to one every few days though – too much cake cannot be good for my 2011 goal of eating less sugar! Ooooops!

Back to Eden


Despite feeling a bit ill on Sunday, Tim and I rode our bikes over to the new vegan bakery in town, Back to Eden, for some serious treat sampling (and, of course, to avoid the much needed rest I should have been getting). Sugar is good for curing head colds anyways…

The interior of this sweet little bakery is so darn cozy and homey! Not only are baked goods available for sale, but vegan cookbooks, local crafts, jams, Dandies, and other fun are nicely stocked for purchase too. We had such a difficult time deciding what to get and ended up with a takeout box full of goodness. Let’s see… White Chocolate Butterscotch Pecan Cookie, Cinnamon Tangerine Muffin, Peanut Butter Fudge, and an Orange Creamsicle-Filled Cupcake… All so very, very, very, very good!


Tim ready to dive into our box of treats!


Inside the bakery


Inside one of the bakery cases


On top of the bakery case


Our selections


The mighty Cinnamon Tangerine Muffin


Inside the Creamsicle Cupcake

We definitely enjoyed the treats and will certainly be biking back for more soon!

Stay tuned for a sweet giveaway I will be having soon!!!!