News Break!!

Hello everybody! I have some exciting announcements and a few updates to share:

(1) A few of my photographs are in the latest issue of VegNews magazine! There is an article entitled Cart-ography (check out pages 34-41) about food carts across the country and Native Bowl, a local Portland food cart, is featured in the article. My friend, Julie Hasson, who owns Native Bowl with her husband Jay, asked me to take some photographs of the cart, the food, and of course, her and Jay. It was so much fun, and quite challenging too! My photographs are on page 36 of the article.

(2) I got a new job!! Longtime readers know that I quit my long-running job as a legal assistant in July of 2010. Since then I have had some wonderful freelance stints (blogged about here and here) and also worked as a personal assistant/organizer for an inspirational writer and activist. A few months ago, I lost my personal assistant job. Being unemployed certainly has some perks, but in the long term, I get bored. I enjoy having a daily routine that leaves me feeling productive, useful, and happy.

I think losing the PA job was a blessing though because not too long ago I applied for my dream job. I went in for an interview on Tuesday and was offered the job! Want to know where I will be working? Back to Eden Bakery in Portland!!!! Back to Eden is without a doubt my favorite vegan bakery in Portland and I am absolutely ecstatic to be working for them. I start next week as a baker. They recently transitioned their baking facilities (which used to be off-site) to directly behind the storefront. The space is beautiful, open, and bright! I am nervous for sure, but once I establish a routine (waking up very early in the AM) and eat all the whoopie pies learn the job, I will be fine. Baking has always been my true passion and I am beyond grateful to have found a job doing what I love. Wish me luck!

(3) I am hoping to post Part II of my Backpacking Essentials series next week. I will be focusing on what gear, clothing, and accessories are necessary for an overnight (or longer) wilderness adventure.

Speaking of outdoor excursions, Tim and I recently went on an overnight backpacking trip in one of our favorite areas of the Pacific Northwest: the Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington state. The weather was not on our side though and it was literally freezing by the time we reached our campsite (we were prepared). We had complete solitude, which was nice. I fell on a rock less than a mile from where we pitched our tent and now have a seriously bruised knee as proof. Once our tent was up, put on lots of layers and took a nap! Poor Tim had to cook our dinner in the rain and wind while I wimped out and stayed cozy in the tent. Here are a few shots Tim took from our trip:

Me hiking into a cloud

Our campsite

The trail on day #2 once the sun came out

(4) VeganMoFo 2011 (Vegan Month of Food) starts next month and I will be participating in the daily blogging ritual. Last year I chose an alphabet theme (“A” is for Amaranth, “B” is for Bahama Cake, etc.) and I will be using the same theme this year. Can’t wait to get started!!

That’s it for now. I hope everybody is looking forward to the change of seasons tomorrow! Portland is still in summer mode – it was almost 90 degrees yesterday. Simple proof that it does not rain here all the time. So there.