A Day Trip

Since the Pacific Northwest isn’t getting much snow in the mountains, Tim and I took a little road trip to the Oregon coast instead. We visit the coast frequently and it never gets old. Birds, whales, sand critters, rocky sculptures, and mighty waves make exploration incredibly fun.┬áNothing compares to the coast for mental and physical relaxation. It’s just so lovely!

On our drive to the coast, we passed by this scenic spot, where low clouds were weaving through a small farming town:

Our first stop was Cannon Beach. It is an incredibly popular destination, even in the off season. When the tide is low, peeking into all the exposed tide pools is my favorite activity. We didn’t arrive during low tide though so we opted to walk a massive stretch of sandy beach… In the inevitable wind and rain! Luckily, the sun came out halfway through our walk.

I took photographs while Tim recorded the sound of waves splashing on rocks.

And then, after we ate our lunch, it rained for the remainder of the day! We did spot a beautiful rainbow on the drive home though (taken through the car window)!

Snip Snappin’ Away

Hi friends! Sorry for the lengthy gap between posts, but the last several weeks have been very busy for me. I am officially working on my very first paid photography job! I can’t share any details yet, but I will say that it is extremely exciting and challenging. I tend to get easily frustrated when things don’t go the way I expect them to. Do you want to know what happens when I get frustrated and baked goods are involved? Here is an outtake from my photo shoot:

That is a misbehaving mini lemon pound cake on the floor. I threw it across the kitchen after many unsuccessful attempts at photographing it. Tim was kind enough to capture the incident on his camera. I would have left that pound cake there to die, but Tim gratefully devoured it. Luckily, I had a second mini lemon pound cake that cooperated fully!

And, here are a few photographs that didn’t make the cut, but I love them anyways:

I have one more photography project to go with this job and it all starts in a few weeks! After that, I am kicking it into high gear and finishing my cookzine! It will be roughly 50 pages of recipes, tips, silly nonsense, and craftiness. I hope to have it completed by late spring/early summer. Stay tuned for updates on my progress.

I hope everybody is enjoying the remainder of the winter season. It has been amazingly mild in the Pacific Northwest. We haven’t had much snowfall in the mountain areas so Tim and I haven’t had a chance to go snowshoeing yet. Crossing my fingers that we get a few trips in before spring arrives!