Waffles Before Age

Tuesday was my birthday and I discovered that elderliness is creeping up on me way too quickly. I long ago predicted that my teeth would fall out before my hair turned gray, and would you believe that I woke up with sore teeth and gums?! Luckily I took the day off from work so that Tim and I could enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures (it almost reached 60 degrees-in February!!!). Nice indeed. 

We started the day by taking a long bike ride up to Flavour Spot, a waffle sandwich cart in Portland with several vegan options. We each opted for a crispy waffle wrapped around two veggie sausages and drizzled with a maple/margarine spread. Delicious! We had also packed along a big thermos of tea to enjoy with breakfast. After we finished the first round of waffle sammies, I decided it would be smart to try the Nut Fluffer too. A Nut Fluffer is a waffle wrapped around peanut butter and Ricemellow. Who are we to resist? Tim and I shared the Nut Fluffer.

Here are some photos:




Afterwards we sat in a nearby park and warmed in the sun while digesting breakfast. I also thought fondly of my co-workers seated in front of their computers… Heh, heh, heh…

The rest of the afternoon included a bike ride to a huge art store we had never visited (future W.I.P. Wednesday post perhaps?!!), Tim making me cupcakes (twice), and an awesome dinner. The story behind the cupcakes is quite humorous and sad at the same time. I had chosen Chai Latte cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World as my birthday treat. Tim eagerly mixed the batter and then asked me to fill the muffin pans. I had filled two muffin cavities when Tim realized he had forgotten to add the oil. The batter went back into the bowl and the oil was stirred in. The batter went into the muffin tins, baked, smelled amazing, and came out of the oven as golden cupcakes. And then… They sank into dense, heavy, rubbery pucks (we decided that adding the oil too late and mixing the batter too much as a result caused our disaster). Tim insisted I choose another recipe since the first batch wasn’t too tasty. I decided on chocolate cupcakes. He let me frost them:



These super chocolatey cupcakes made my day!

For dinner we made Jessy’s Tempeh Meatlessballs with Green Rice. If you haven’t tried this recipe yet, you really ought too (I have posted about it before, here)! It has become one of my top ten all time favorites!!! It is incredibly tasty. We topped ours with a tahini sauce.


The evening ended with a movie and an extra cupcake (or was it two?). 

And just because I love food in bowls, here is a photo of the dinner Tim and I made this evening:



This was a compilation of veggie odds and ends: carrots, broccoli, shiitakes, peas, red bell peppers, kale, and tofu. Tim made an awesome stir-fry sauce and we served the result over chow mein noodles (the non-crunchy ones) and sprinkled black sesame seeds on top. 

That’s it. I’m off to have a cupcake. If Tim isn’t looking, I’ll take his too.

It’s All About Tahini

It should be obvious from the title of this website that I love tahini. Before I chose to become a vegan I didn’t even know tahini existed. Looking back, I really wish I had discovered tahini sooner. I just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff! Unfortunately, tahini is very expensive and Tim and I shop on a budget. When I find myself scraping the last teaspoon of tahini from a jar, I get pretty sad. It is incredibly versatile: sauces, breads, baked treats, dressings, spreads, straight from the jar (no, not really!!)…

I finally decided that the cost of tahini wasn’t worth it (like the cost of maple syrup). Tim and I have tried unsuccessfully to make our own tahini twice. Today was the third attempt, and as the saying goes, it was the charm! I found an awesome recipe for homemade tahini, and it couldn’t be simpler to make. The best part? It is very inexpensive!!! There are only two ingredients: sesame seeds and canola oil (EDIT: I am pretty sure this recipe would work without oil. If you try it, let me know!). The hardest part was transferring oven toasted sesame seeds to my food processor. Let’s just say that the inside of my oven and pretty much the entire kitchen have traces of the wee seeds hiding out (waiting for bare feet to trample them and transfer them elsewhere around the apartment).

Click the link above for the recipe and start making your own tahini!!! My end result yielded about 20 ounces, which is a generous amount. And, because I love tahini so much, I am asking readers to leave a comment with their favorite recipe using tahini. I will randomly pick a comment, and that person will receive a few handmade reusable bulk food/produce bags!!!! How exciting right? The cutoff for the contest will be February 10th at 11:59 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. I will also make the winning recipe and feature it in a future post. I have my favorite tahini recipes, and now I want yours!


A big jar full of homemade tahini