4 thoughts on “Backpacking

  1. I found your blog through OhSheGlows a while back. I love that you are going to make a section on backpacking. I am a vegetarian (mostly vegan) from Seattle and an avid hiker, backpacker, skier! After seeing this section I am subscribing and look forward to seeing future posts. Also, read your about me section – birds are my favorite animal too = )

    ~ Katie

    • Hi Katie! It’s so nice to meet a fellow veg outdoor enthusiast (and bird lover)! I’m not much of a skier (yet…) but I do enjoy snowshoeing in the winter months. I have been working on Part II of my backpacking series and hope to have that post up soon. If you have any recommendations for great backpacking trips near Seattle, I’d love to hear them. I have yet to venture Mt. Rainier National Park, maybe next year :)

      • I myself haven’t been to Ranier or St. Helens and I have lived in WA all my life (shame on me I know). A couple of summers ago I went on the most incredible backpacking trip in the Northcascades. We started on a popular trail called “Cascade Pass” which was 5 miles/3 hours. Then we moved onto a trail called Sahalee Arm which was supposedly 2.4 miles, but took 4 hours! The arm was beautiful and the campsites at the top gave you a 360 degree view of gorgeous peaks. We just spent a night, but there are tons of trails up there and you could easily turn the trip into a longer stay. Sahalee Arm was beautiful – I cannot praise it enough, although I would probably only go in mid-July to mid-September. I read through part 1 of your series – love the vegan backpacking food tips.

      • I am definitely going to look into those trails for next year. Thank you for the suggestions! One of my favorite Washington state backpacking areas is the Goat Rocks Wilderness – it’s beautiful, especially once the crowds thin.

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