Summer Adventures + Tasty Bite Review: Part I

GR 21

Escaping the scorching summer heat is easy when you live in the Pacific Northwest. Just head for the mountains! Every year, Tim and I try to take advantage of our flexible work schedules and hit the trails for multi-day backpacking trips. I absolutely love the solitude –  and wilderness adventures confirm that I’m not much of a city girl. Thankfully Portland is a small-ish city surrounded by mountain peaks waiting to be explored.

A few weeks ago we revisited one of our favorite backpacking destinations: the Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington state. While the drive creeps close to three hours, it is worth every single second. We have hiked this trail four times now, and three out of those four times resulted in complete solitude at our campsite. I love when that happens.

GR 17

This particular trip was just an over-nighter, but lingering longer would have been possible if jobs back home didn’t exist. :) Meal planning was easy because the kind folks at Tasty Bite contacted me awhile ago asking if I wanted to review some of their products. Tasty Bite makes ready-to-eat Indian and Pan Asian meals with a focus on fresh, natural ingredients. The packages don’t weigh much and heat up in just a few minutes, so they are ideal for folks with busy lifestyles or outdoor adventures on their agendas, like me!

TB 01

We packed Thai Lime Rice and Channa Masala – fusion food that worked surprisingly well together. But, before I get to the review, let’s take a peek at a few more trail photographs, shall we?

GR 10

GR 04

GR 18

GR 14

GR 09

And then we ate dinner:

GR 15

It was close to freezing (yes, even in August!) by the time we went to sleep. And because we were up near 7,000 feet in elevation, we literally slept in the clouds the entire night. So, this warming meal was a pleasant surprise. Not only was it filling and flavorful, but a bit spicy too. We both really enjoyed the fact that the chickpeas weren’t mushy. The rice was perfectly cooked. And, we tasted ginger, garlic, lemongrass, and lime – so many delicious flavors in one meal! We devoured this pretty quickly and the servings per pouch fed two hungry hikers. Thank you, Tasty Bite, for the samples!!

The next morning, we hit the trial again. More fog. More clouds. More solitude.

GR 20

GR 24

GR 22

And before we knew it, we were back home in Portland. But, the adventures continued the following week. Stay tuned for Part II!

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13 thoughts on “Summer Adventures + Tasty Bite Review: Part I

  1. What gorgeous pictures! And I love the idea of you sleeping in a cloud. It puts about such sweet images. That’s very cool that Tasty Bite sent you their pouches to try for review. They seem like a great fit for this sort of thing; plus, like you said, having a spicy, warm, and filling meal really hits the spot when camping.

  2. So beautiful! I haven’t gone hiking or camping in far too long–definitely need to get out there soon. I saw that you have a backpacking section in your header–are you planning to continue expanding it? I’d especially be interested in seeing your favorite places to go around Portland & the PNW. :)

  3. Looks like a beautiful escape from the city. I go to the trees for decompression often, even if it’s just a jog to Mt. Tabor.

    The food looks good, too. I’m going to try and find something like that for my trip to rural Kentucky in a few weeks. I have to take most of my own food and won’t have a kitchen, so the packets might work.

  4. Looks like another awesome hiking trip! I love Tasty Bite! They have so many good vegan options. I have been looking around at good vegan hiking meal options and it didn’t even occur to me that I already have a pantry full of hiking food ready to go. Looking forward to reading part 2 of your trip :)

    • I was really surprised by the Tasty Bite Meals since I am always so skeptical of ready-to-eat foods. But, these were ideal. You should definitely take one or two on your next adventure!

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