Review: Tofurky’s *New* Pizza Pockets

Tofurky Pizza Pockets 01

Wait, what’s happening? A pizza-themed post after Vegan Pizza Day? Well, let’s just say that it is dreadfully hot in Portland right now and as a result, pizza stones and 500-degree ovens are not my friends (translation: moody, evil Amy). I didn’t indulge in one of my favorite meals on its special holiday. I think I had a cold salad instead. Ha!

The 95+ degree days are still lingering, yet when Tim and I saw these Tofurky Pizza Pockets at Food Fight! today, we caved in and bought a box. It is rare for us to purchase prepared foods so this was a seriously special treat.

Straight out of the box, these pizza pockets are about the size of a small burrito. You can opt to cook them in a microwave or oven. Since we don’t have a microwave, we made the sacrifice and turned on the oven. Thirty minutes later, we had lunch!

Pizza Pockets 02

A fresh green salad + ripe watermelon + Tofurky Pizza Pockets = a speedy, filling lunch (even in the ridiculous heat!)

I really enjoyed these portable pizza pockets. While they were baking, I was instantly reminded of the frozen pizzas my dad would make when I was growing up. I’m pretty sure my love for pizza is genetic. The outer crust is infused with Italian herbs and the inside has sauce, melty cheezy goodness, and Tofurky pepperoni. If you were a fan of those infamous hot pockets back in the day, you will be delighted, because these are a million times better and cruelty-free! Tofurky makes a few other varieties too. Seek them out at your nearest vegan-friendly grocery store and settle down for a tasty, fun meal.

Pizza Pockets 03


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14 thoughts on “Review: Tofurky’s *New* Pizza Pockets

  1. Bummer about the heat wave! We’re getting a little bit of a reprieve where I live for the time being. I hope it will cool down for you soon! The people from Tofurky had samples of their pockets at VVC, and I tried the pizza one and one with their Thanksgiving-style Tofurky. Like you, I don’t buy frozen meals really, but I thought they were something fun for their novelty value.

    • It better cool down here soon – I am simply not formulated to tolerate temps above 75. The good thing is that it forces me to drink more water! Tofurky is such a great company. They really know how to make products that bring a little nostalgia to their customers. I am keen on trying the other varieties… Maybe in the cold of winter! Glad the heat wave isn’t affecting you too much anymore. :)

  2. I’m pretty sure we can get these in Australia, not in my neck of the woods though. I’m sure a vegan specialty store in Sydney stocks them. Next time I’m in Sydney, I’ll check it out.
    Sorry to hear it is so hot. I am not a fan of hot weather either. That will be me complaining in about 4 months. :)

    • I wish I could ship you some Tofurky Pizza Pockets, Ally! It seems to be cooling off a bit in Portland, thankfully. I remember last year when Australia was suffering from high temps and wildfires. Ugh… Hopefully, this year will be better! :)

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