Good Things Come in Small Packages

I have a really nice mail carrier. She always brings bigger packages up three flights of stairs and places them in front of my apartment door. It’s the little things that make my day, you know? This past week I was dog/house-sitting for friends and had to make a quick trip home to pick up a few items. When I reached my apartment, there was a package waiting for me!VC Snack Box 02!

Now I don’t know about you, but I get really giddy when packages arrive in the mail. Really giddy. I could be starving, dehydrated, running from danger… but the only thing on my mind is tearing open said package. It’s a commitment. The package photographed above is the March snack box from Vegan Cuts. Since December I have been freelancing as their copywriter. Jill, one of the owners, offered me the chance to review the snack box on my blog. Yes! Yes, I will do that!

If you aren’t familiar with Vegan Cuts, it’s an online marketplace that offers spectacular deals on food, fashion, and body care – all vegan! They have a monthly subscription box ($19.95/month) that delivers awesome vegan products right to your door (if you’re lucky and have a nice mail carrier!). It’s a great way to discover new vegan products and it’s a super deal.

The March box was filled with an alluring assortment of goodies. Inside my box:

That’s a lot of stuff!! I already devoured the chocolate eggs because I am impatient, have terrible will power, and LOVE sweets. Sjaak’s makes some of the best organic, fair trade chocolate on the market. I also plowed through the bag of Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Puffs because, well, they sounded incredible (they are) and nobody was around to intervene. Have you tried them yet? The Eli’s Earth Bar is safely stowed in the cupboard for future consumption (one of my faves for sure). I am looking forward to using the Beyond Eggs since cookies are my best friends. I will definitely update you on the status once I bake a batch of cookies… Soon!

If you love trying out new vegan products, I highly suggest signing up for Vegan Cuts monthly subscription box. You can’t really turn down a box of surprise goodies!

Speaking of Vegan Cuts, they just launched a very exciting project and need your support to make it happen! Check out the details here! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

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10 thoughts on “Good Things Come in Small Packages

  1. goodgolly it all looks so superyumful! Equal Exchange is one of my weaknesses…I always keep a boatload of their mini dark chocolates stashed for when I need a quick little bit of chocolatey goodness. :)

  2. Wow, Amy, I’d love to find that package on my doorstep!
    Something nearly as exciting happened today – I opened an email from Herbivore, and up popped a pic with you in it! :)
    I recently tried the Falafel chips. They were very tasty. I haven’t come across any of the other delights in my neck of the woods, but I’ll certainly be looking!
    I hope you are well.

    • That’s really sweet, thanks Ally!!! I tried to avoid the photoshoot but my co-worker was off that day. I took one for the team, I guess. :) That new tee design is quite popular already, which is great!

      You are right, those falafel chips are good (and hard to share). The caramel corn is one of the last contents of that box I haven’t tried. I hid the package from Tim. Hahaaa!

      We should do a care package swap sometime! I’m sure Australia has yummy vegan treats that aren’t available in the US. Let me know if that interests you. International swaps are fun. :)

      I hope you and your family are well. I’ve been keeping up with your blog, I need make a better effort to comment more.

  3. Yeah! Great review. A while back, vegan Cuts sent me a snack box to review – and it totally worked, because I immediately subscribed. I love getting my snack box every month and having so many new goods to explore. I went through those EB puffs in a hurry too. Ha! I still havea out half of my treats left, so hopefully they can last me until the next box arrives!

    • You have admirable will power and portion control, Amey! I plowed through most of my snacks, but still have a few top notch items left. Did you get the NYL skincare sample too? It’s amazing. I LOVE it!

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