Recent Adventures

Can you believe it’s March already? Time is passing too fast! Although I must admit, it never felt like winter in Portland, so the onset of spring isn’t too exciting – except for all the beautiful flowers blooming, of course!

Lately Tim and I have been making time for at least one adventure per week, sometimes more if our schedules allow. Here are a few highlights from our most recent outdoor pursuits.

Hoodie! 02

Snowshoeing along the White River with Mt. Hood looming before us the entire way. We found a lovely ridge to sit on and eat lunch. It was our first snowshoe this season with fluffy, powdery, new snow. Winter has been so mild that our other snowshoe trips were on hard, packed snow – much less fun. But the fluffy stuff? That’s what snowshoes are made for!

View 02

Wahclella Falls 01

Last week we went on a very short (and easy!) hike to massive Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. We enjoyed our lunch in solitude unless you count waterfall mist as company. :)

Cape Horn Overlook 01

Yesterday we took advantage of sunshine and warm temperatures and headed into Washington state for new exploration. This was taken near Cape Horn. We found a nice hike just a few miles up the road that offers several viewpoints across the gorge. It was a LOT of climbing, but so worth it!

Cape Horn Trail 01

We are already planning backpacking trips for late spring and summer. It’s going to be awesome! I think I will make a nifty spreadsheet with trails and distances and whatnot. I hope to be back soon with some foodie-inspired posts, promise. Hope you are all well and looking forward to warmer weather. :)


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16 thoughts on “Recent Adventures

  1. oh my goodness. such beauty!!! It’s a lovely, warm and sunny day here… (which is awesome), but there is definitely a part of me that is missing the beauty and quiet of snow. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  2. Hmmm. Winter here sure hasn’t seemed mild to *me*, but maybe that’s because our furnace died and it took a month to get it replaced?
    Your adventures look great, I can’t get my SO to venture out in the woods if its under 70 degrees!

    • Hahaha! I don’t know, this winter seemed warmer than most. I grew up in a snowy environment, so it always seems mild here. Hopefully your new furnace helped keep you cozy. :) The forest is pretty spectacular in the colder months because less people are out and there’s so much solitude. But, I do understand the lure of 70 degree days too.

  3. Wow Amy, what gorgeous pictures! I have to tell you that I’m super jealous of your adventures and your mild winter. I am sad I never took advantage of the beauty that surrounded me when I lived in Seattle for a bit. The waterfall is so beautiful, I can imagine how absolutely perfect and serene that lunch must have been. The last two pics are so pretty too, love the reflection of the sky in the water! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for the kind words. If you ever venture back to the Pacific Northwest for a visit, let me know and we can go hiking! It’s so beautiful here, I wish I could explore all day long.

  4. What gorgeous vistas!! How lucky for you to be able to hike amongst such beauty. I’ll be visiting Portland in May, and I’d love to do some hiking while I’m there. Wahclella Falls looks especially stunning. Is that hike a far drive from Portland itself?

    • Hi Cadry! Are you coming to Portland for Vida Vegan? I won’t be at the conference (working instead), but you should stop by Herbivore Clothing and say hello! Wahclella Falls is about an hour from Portland. There are lots of trails to hike in the Columbia River Gorge (and a zillion waterfalls). :)

      • Yes, I’m coming in for Vida Vegan! I’m super excited. I’ve only been to Portland one other time and that was about 15 years ago. I will absolutely stop into Herbivore and say hi! I was already super excited to catch all of the vegan highlights in the area, and now I have waterfalls to look forward to as well! :)

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