It’s officially spring which explains the complex mixture of hail, rain, sunshine, clouds, and blue skies we are experiencing in Portland. I need to walk around with my camera more because a few days ago the aforementioned weather patterns collided and made a massive full double rainbow in the sky. Or maybe, just maybe, I need one of those snazzy smartphones. It was a beautiful rainbow but you’ll have to imagine what it looked like since I have no hard proof.

Life is keeping me busy, but not enough for me to neglect the blog! Here are some fun highlights from the last few weeks:

GF 03

Aaron Ash, the owner of Gorilla Food in Vancouver, B.C., came to Herbivore to do a raw food demo, Q&A, and book signing last weekend. We had a full house and got to sample some delicious food: ginger nori crackers, guacamole, chile almonds, and vegan sushi! I went home that evening and put a batch of the ginger nori crackers in my dehydrator because they were the best crackers I’d ever tasted. And I happen to know a thing or fifty about tasty crackers. Aaron is mighty talented and you should check out his book!

Pasta Dinner 01I’ve been cooking solo recently because Tim is traveling for work. Usually I end up eating a lot of burritos when he’s away because cooking by myself is way less fun. And I have to do the dishes – lame! So my meals are minimal attempts at best. Last night I had a surge of energy, most likely from eating too many of these (make them! they rule!). With boosts of spirit, I made a baked pasta dish consisting of penne, pesto, tomato sauce, cashew cream, sauteed mushrooms, and lots of fresh parsley. It was good. Although, not the best meal to eat while watching Workaholics.

And lastly, I’ve been busy with freelance writing assignments. There’s an exciting one with a recipe/giveaway coming up very soon. Follow the Vegan Cuts blog so you don’t miss it! I’ll give you a hint: it involves carrots and sugar. Hmmmm… !!!

That’s all for now. Hope you’re all well and enjoying the weekend.



Recent Adventures

Can you believe it’s March already? Time is passing too fast! Although I must admit, it never felt like winter in Portland, so the onset of spring isn’t too exciting – except for all the beautiful flowers blooming, of course!

Lately Tim and I have been making time for at least one adventure per week, sometimes more if our schedules allow. Here are a few highlights from our most recent outdoor pursuits.

Hoodie! 02

Snowshoeing along the White River with Mt. Hood looming before us the entire way. We found a lovely ridge to sit on and eat lunch. It was our first snowshoe this season with fluffy, powdery, new snow. Winter has been so mild that our other snowshoe trips were on hard, packed snow – much less fun. But the fluffy stuff? That’s what snowshoes are made for!

View 02

Wahclella Falls 01

Last week we went on a very short (and easy!) hike to massive Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. We enjoyed our lunch in solitude unless you count waterfall mist as company. :)

Cape Horn Overlook 01

Yesterday we took advantage of sunshine and warm temperatures and headed into Washington state for new exploration. This was taken near Cape Horn. We found a nice hike just a few miles up the road that offers several viewpoints across the gorge. It was a LOT of climbing, but so worth it!

Cape Horn Trail 01

We are already planning backpacking trips for late spring and summer. It’s going to be awesome! I think I will make a nifty spreadsheet with trails and distances and whatnot. I hope to be back soon with some foodie-inspired posts, promise. Hope you are all well and looking forward to warmer weather. :)