Another Year, Another Birthday

I love the first few months of a new year. The holiday chaos is over and fresh starts are quite welcoming, even if they don’t last very long. What I really enjoy though is birthdays! Tim celebrated his in January and I celebrated mine last week. We definitely get our fair share of sweet treats and full day adventures during birthday time. It’s not uncommon to let our small festivities last longer than a day. That’s normal, right?

Anyway, I turned 36. Even though I am creeping slowly toward the big 4-0, I still feel like a kid. I doubt I will ever feel like an adult – well, except when I have to pay bills and make serious decisions about stuff. But otherwise, I still love swings, cookies, throwing snowballs, and sleeping late.

We set off early on my special day for a hike in the always gorgeous Oregon wilderness. While we didn’t expect to encounter snow, we did. It wasn’t enough to deter our hike. We even brought along birthday cupcakes. Tim was a champ and baked the cupcakes with my gentle supervision (heĀ almost forgot the salt!). I frosted them and we ate the entire dozen over the course of a week. Here are a few highlights from the hike:

Amy Hiking 02

Starting off on our hike in the snow.

Salmon River 02

The Salmon River, which parallels nearly the entire hike.

Nurse Log 02

A nurse log: Nurse logs are fallen trees that provide nutrients for new forest growth! You can see three trees have grown on top of this one. It’s so fascinating!

Cupcakes 02

Birthday cupcakes on a log! These were orange cupcakes with vanilla frosting and they were delicious.

Amy and Cupcake 02

Enjoying a cupcake

Tim and Cupcake 02

I’m not sure who loved the cupcakes more! After our hike we went out to dinner and then home for a relaxing night of watching Cheers and eating more cupcakes. Perfect day.