The Snow Fell in Portland

It almost never snows in Portland. We get plenty of snow on the nearby mountains, but in the city itself, it’s rare. And when it does snow, it lasts all of a few hours if we are lucky. I woke up this morning, opened the blinds, and saw this:

Snow 01December Photo Project 2012: Day #18

It doesn’t look like much – because it wasn’t. A few hours later the sun was shining and the only indication that it had snowed was the frigid temperature. Now? It’s raining.

Fun and yummy recipe post coming up tomorrow!!! Get excited!


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3 thoughts on “The Snow Fell in Portland

  1. All the snow we got did melt, too. And now we are back to rainy and dark. I love snow so much because it lightens up everything. We clearly need more snow!

  2. aww it looks so pretty when it’s not coming down by the foot, ha! It must be exciting when you don’t get snow often. I am definitely ok without it ;) And btw, I sent out your package today!!

    • I grew up in Pennsylvania, so I’ve had my fair share of snow! But, it’s still nice to see it every once in a while. I am super excited for my package. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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