Wilderness Adventures

Today was forecasted to be one of the only sunny days this week. Since Tim has been working on an audio project for a short film, we ventured into the wilderness so he could make recordings. It was my job to be the foley artist and walk on twigs and run in the forest. It was pretty fun!

Big Mic 02

We drove into higher elevations and found snow! It doesn’t snow much in Portland, so opportunities to enjoy the snow are always appreciated.

Drive to the Snow 02

The forest is so pretty during the onset of winter. Blankets of snow, water droplets suspended on bare branches, moody skies, and crazy birds cackling overhead.

One Single Drop 02December Photo Project 2012: Day #10

Running and jumping like a child in the forest tired me out and I slept the whole way home. And then, we made pizza for dinner! :)