It’s a Pancake Kind of Morning

Sunday mornings are no stranger to the delightful pancake breakfast.

BB Pancakes 06December Photo Project 2012: Day #9

Our favorite recipe – No Fail Buttermilk Pancakes – comes from 500 Vegan Recipes by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman. It truly is a gem of a recipe. They turn out fluffy and golden every single time!

BB Pancakes 04

We served these beauties with tall glasses of freshly juiced oranges and the last tablespoon of maple syrup hiding in the fridge. It’s really hard to share such a minuscule amount of maple syrup!

BB Pancakes 08

What’s your favorite pancake recipe?


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12 thoughts on “It’s a Pancake Kind of Morning

  1. Fluffy and golden every time, eh? I’ll have to try that recipe! I usually use the one from VwaV or my own recipe, but I don’t have a 100% success rate with either of them.

    • Yes Kelly, every time! Well, Tim always makes them so maybe he has some magical spell he casts over the batter… I’ve never made the VwaV recipe. Maybe we will switch it up next time! :)

    • I’ve heard that carbonated water works really well in pancakes – might have to try that next time! I put almond butter on my pancakes too!! This plate ended up with some after the pictures were taken. :) Brown blobs don’t photograph well!

  2. it’s a bit of a tradition for me to make pancakes every weekend, and i love to mix it up each time with different flavors. i think my favorite to date has been peanut butter banana pancakes with blueberry topping. they actually look very similar to yours!!

    ps- are those chocolate chips in the pancakes? i add them to EVERY pancakes. they just take them to the next level ;)

    • Hooray for peanut butter banana pancakes with blueberries!! This batch has blueberries in the batter, not chocolate chips. But, chocolate chips do sneak their way into the mix quite often! They are hard to resist!!!

  3. We make pretty standard vegan pancakes, usually with blueberries or bananas. Our favorite “fancy” pancake is the apple pie pancake recipe from Post Punk Kitchen.

    But my very favorite pancakes are the ones my husband makes while I’m sleeping in on a Saturday.

    • You should definitely make some vegan pancakes! I have to admit, my boyfriend always makes the pancakes. He doesn’t think I’m capable of turning out golden perfection. I’m perfectly happy sitting patiently and waiting… :)

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