Proper Eats

Tim and I came home from work around the same time this evening. We were both very hungry. Since we plan out a week’s worth of meals, it should have been easy to figure out something to make for dinner. Here’s how the conversation went:

Tim: “We could make waffles or pancakes.”

Amy: “No.”

Tim: “How about this baked cauliflower meal?”

Amy: “No.”

Tim: “What if we went to Native Foods?”

Amy: “No.”

Tim: “Los Gorditos?”

Amy: “No.”

Tim: “Proper Eats?”

Amy: “Maybe.”

Can you tell I was being ridiculously stubborn? In the end, we did go to Proper Eats. It is our favorite restaurant and we don’t go often enough. I think that’s okay though because it makes each visit extra special. Speaking of special, Tim and I both ordered one of the specials. I got mac-n-cheese over a bed of sauteed greens and Tim got a monster-sized burrito filled with quinoa, sweet potatoes, plantains, barbecue sauce, and a medley of other things. As always, our food was outstanding. I love Proper Eats. If you ever visit Portland, I highly recommend you eat there! Vegan. Wholesome. Nutritious. Affordable. Delicious.

This is a photograph of my plate. The poor lighting doesn’t do the meal justice, but let me just say that despite the generous portion, I cleaned my plate – all by myself!

PE'sM&CDecember Photo Project 2012: Day #8

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6 thoughts on “Proper Eats

  1. Yes! That place is delicious. And Los Gorditos–what a treasure :) Won’t it be great if they put a Native Foods closer in? Have you tried the Veggie Grill downtown?

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