Pancakes for Dinner… Again

Lazy days off from work are the best. It means you can wear your jammies for as long as you want, eat lunch while doing crossword puzzles, and snack on homemade graham crackers when the need strikes. It also means you have time to make pancakes for dinner! Blueberry pancakes. We enjoyed our pancakes with fresh orange juice and leftover tofu scramble (that should have been cupcakes…).

My favorite pancake recipe hails from 500 Vegan Recipes – No Fail Buttermilk Pancakes. They turn out fluffy and golden every single time. Lucky for me, Tim insists on being the pancake maker. I sit back and do nothing while I wait…

…for these beauties:

And then I greedily snarf them down and demand more. Well, not really. I can usually only eat two pancakes because they are big and filling and I top them with banana. I let Tim have the extra pancakes.

I wish I had a maple tree in my kitchen so I could tap it for delicious maple syrup every day.


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5 thoughts on “Pancakes for Dinner… Again

  1. Those look great! We do pancakes for dinner quite a bit. My preschooler loves them, and it’s one dinner we don’t fight over.

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