Billions of Bagels

I have been eating a lot of bagels lately. In fact, I was averaging at least one bagel a day last week! When I make my own bagels, I tend to make several batches and freeze half to enjoy later. Recently I ended up with too many bagels and took some to work to share.

I use the recipe from Vegan Brunch because it never fails and it creates chewy, authentic bagels. You can find the recipe here. These have been sliced and spread with homemade cream cheese, dipped into soup, and made into sandwiches. Hooray for bagels!

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4 thoughts on “Billions of Bagels

  1. yay! they look so beautious! I love homemade bagels so much, but now I realize that it’s been a long time since I made any. I actually have a small stash of bagels in my freezer – left over from our wedding. So once those run out, I’ll make some homemade ones! :) Hooray for bagels!

  2. I love bagels! I have made some batches a long time ago and if I had room in the freezer (to many frozen berries) I’d make a batch soon again. Yours looks so perfekt, mine never turn out that pretty!

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