Kitchen Tour!

When I saw Kittee’s recent post (and Amey’s!) featuring a tour of her gorgeous kitchen, I thought it might be fun to do a similar post. While my kitchen doesn’t elicit the same response as Kittee’s, it has a special place in my heart.

You see, my kitchen is tiny (we live in an apartment)!! But, we have a TON of storage space. When Tim and I cook together, a certain rhythm is required to prevent collisions and mishaps. We are pretty good at maneuvering around each other and there have only been a few disasters (we’ll blame Tim for those…). Let’s get started, shall we?

This photo was taken with me standing on top of our kitchen table. It shows a majority of the kitchen. To the left is the doorway, which you can’t see. Behind me is a huge window that brightens our space with afternoon sunshine (when it isn’t raining). There is bagel dough rising on the stove, chickpeas soaking in the orange bowl, and homemade cream cheese fermenting in the little dishes by the chickpeas. Oh, and there are dirty dishes in the sink! No sense hiding the natural state of the kitchen…

This view looks toward the table I was standing on in the previous photo. You can see our love for plants if you look at the fridge. We keep our juicer and VitaMix on the kitchen table because we use them every day and they are too big to store anyplace else.

This is our sink area, opposite the stove and fridge. I apologize for the dirty dishes, but I had just made peanut butter, pasta, bagel dough, and a medley of other concoctions. Our garbage and recycling bins are under the sink. The compost pail sits on the shelf above the sink. My 21 quart canner lives on the bottom of the work cart. I keep a billion avocados in the blue speckled bowl above the canner. FYI: That is not a toothbrush on the dish drainer, it is the brush used to clean our juicer. We aren’t that gross!

This terrible photograph shows my beloved KitchenAid, food processor, and some of the incredible storage space we have in our kitchen. Built-in shelves hold our dehydrator, woks, bamboo steamer, spice grinder, cutting boards, rice cooker, scale, and a few pots. The drawers next to the shelves hold table linens, cookie sheets, foil & ziplocks, and a box filled with potatoes and onions. More drawers to the right hold silverware, tupperware, and small appliances like our hand mixer. All of our pots, pans, and cast iron cookware live in the drawer below our oven.

These shelves are where I keep all my cookbooks!! There is also a little bowl filled with garlic, a timer, a teapot, and some other miscellaneous stuff on the top shelf (granola, snacky chips, and a cake stand).

Let’s peek inside the cupboards! I like to keep all my bulk goods in Ball jars. They line up nicely and keep me even more organized. Here we have extracts, sweeteners, oils, flours, some spices, teas, and canned goods.

Spices, grains, bulk foods, homemade jams… These cupboards are deep/long and continue to the right. I like the space, but I have to reach inside to retrieve stuff from the part without a door.

Dishes! This cupboard is usually much more full, but the missing dishes/glasses are in the sink! We keep our ice cream maker on the top shelf. These cupboards are to the left of the sink and above our dish drainer so it’s really easy to put dishes away once they’ve been washed by Tim. Below these cupboards is a drawer where we keep random utensils. And below that, is more cupboard space where we keep baking dishes, empty bulk food jars, and small appliances. We also keep our toolbox and random household repair stuff in those cupboards.

I really hoped you enjoyed my kitchen tour! Now come over so I can cook/bake for you!

Someday I hope to have my very own non-apartment kitchen. It would be nice to paint the walls a decent color and maybe replace the ugly countertops. But, I’m not complaining – I love our kitchen!