Wednesday night’s dinner was pretty effortless for me. Do you want to know why? I didn’t have to make it! Since I worked all day, Tim was sweet and made us dinner. We settled down to watch two episodes of Modern Family¬†(do you watch too?) while enjoying this beautiful, filling, nourishing meal:

Acorn squash stuffed with a recipe from Vegetarian Times – Warm Salad of Millet with Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Walnuts, & Cranberries

This was a nice meal for a chilly evening. It’s almost like a meal in a bowl – my favorite!! I have leftovers for tomorrow and that makes me happy.

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18 thoughts on “Squashed

  1. So you like Modern Family? I’ve never watched the show (no access to TV and the computer chair isn’t comfy enough for TV-watching on the computer), but now I’m intrigued since I know you have good taste in TV series. Also, I love me some Vegetarian Times. And this stuffed acorn squash looks lovely. Happy Thursday, Amy.

  2. ohheckyes! A glass of vegan wine, a stuffy squash and entertainment to boot!
    So would Modern Family this month be MoFa during MoFo? ;)

  3. I’ve made that VT recipe twice already – it’s sooo good! What a great combo of flavors. Mmm. I just had it earlier this week and now I want it again! :)

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