One, Two, Let’s Eat Tofu!

Dinner has always been my favorite meal of the day (unless dessert is considered a meal, of course). I tend to eat smaller portions during the day because I know dinner will almost always be something special. There are days when laziness takes over and a bowl of granola ends up being dinner, but more often than not, my last meal of the day is pretty spectacular. Tuesday night was a perfect example:

What you see above is Sesame Crusted Tofu Cutlets with Lemongrass-Orange Reduction, a recipe from the October 2012 issue of Vegetarian Times. We served it with brown rice and steamed broccoli. I really enjoyed this meal, but next time I would marinate the tofu in the sauce first to add some heightened flavor. Quick, filling, and simple!

Dessert was a double chocolate cupcake… Or was it two three?

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20 thoughts on “One, Two, Let’s Eat Tofu!

  1. whoa! That sounds great. I find that a lot of the Vegetarian Times recipes just need a little extra OOMPH… but that they are great starting points for ideas and such. It really looks beautiful though!

    • You should definitely make this recipe, but I suggest marinating the tofu first. I think it will help the sesame seeds stick better and flavor the tofu more too. Enjoy it!

  2. Those VegTimes recipes always seem like great ideas until you see that they never have you press or marinate the tofu. Luckily, you and I know that these are necessary steps, but to those new to tofu, I imagine that some of their recipes might be a bit of a disappointment. (Still, this looks awesome!) Also did some backreading and saw that you have a cool new job! Congratulations! (Can you send some great new job mojo my way?)

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