The Days of Summer

I can’t believe I am finally sitting down to write a blog post after such a long break! Time passes quickly in my world and my schedule has been filled with plenty of activity. While I am incredibly excited for the fall season, the weather in Portland still boasts plenty of sunshine and high temperatures so Tim and I are taking full advantage during the dwindling days if summer. Here is a peek at the highlights:We visited our friends in Seattle a few weeks ago and enjoyed brunch at Cafe Flora. I had a plate with potatoes, toast & jam, tofu scramble, and homemade soy sausage. It was delicious, especially the scramble. Tim had a tofu sandwich that came with salad. He didn’t care for it, but it sure looked pretty:After we left Seattle, we wandered around Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. It’s so much fun to explore places like this because if you are patient and quiet, all sorts of creatures make their presence known with a chorus of sounds. We even saw jellyfish floating in the southern end of the Puget Sound! Overall, it’s a very peaceful place to visit.When we returned from Seattle, we decided it was time to take a backpacking trip. It had been awhile and we knew September meant less crowds and less bugs. We opted for a two night loop hike in the Deschutes National Forest. We crossed paths with very few people and had our campsites all to ourselves. Plus, both campsites were next to chilly mountain lakes which we happily dove into after hiking all day in the sunshine.Campsite on night number two looked toward this view:
And then, before we knew it, my parents were in town for a visit. My mom had never been to the Pacific Northwest before so she really enjoyed all the scenery and places we took her.

We took my mom to see Mt. Hood! It was a gorgeous day despite the haze from nearby wildfires. We also took her and my dad to Portobello for dinner. I opted for the portobello burger, garlicky fries, and a homemade peach and rosemary soda. Don’t you just love how my meal was served? Everything was amazing, especially the fries. Oh my goodness, those fries were the best!We took my parents to the coast too. It was windy and a good 30 degress cooler than the city but still worth the trip. They both dipped their feet in the icy Pacific Ocean. I knew better.After my parents left, I accepted a job offer with one of the coolest vegan companies in Portland. I am now happily employed after many months of miscellaneous freelance stints here and there. It’s a quick bike ride from home and I am sandwiched between Food Fight Grocery and Sweetpea Bakery. This has already proven dangerous because yesterday I snuck over to Food Fight for chocolate caramel cups, ginger iced tea, and a curried tofu sandwich. It’s perfect because I work part-time and can still enjoy outdoor adventure activities while the weather permits. Come visit me if you are ever in Portland!!

This past Friday Tim and I went hiking on the southern slopes of Mt. Saint Helens. A good portion of the trail involved boulder hopping, but snacking on an abundance of wild huckleberries and views such as the one below made up for it, just a bit.And finally, this weekend is Portland’s 2012 VegFest! I will be selling/sampling treats from Nicobella Organics (chocolate truffles!). Stop by and say hello and I might let you have a sample!

Enjoy the week ahead!

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21 thoughts on “The Days of Summer

  1. So happy you found a great job, with a great vegan company! Having work must make yr vacations and camping trips and getaways even sweeter, though they sound like a lot of fun anyway!
    Garlicky fries are really the only way to go, if you ask me.

  2. Amy! I’m so happy to hear all of this. Enjoy all the sweet treats that are crowding around you, as long as you make up for it by hiking as much as you do there’s surely no harm. Do you know what, I’ve never went hiking and camping outside. I’ve just done dayhikes but I want to get out there on nights as well. I’m afraid it’s starting to get slightly to cold here for that, but MAYBE I can hope for next weekend to be a warm one and bike to a nearby nature reserve where there’s a wind shelter where you can sleep and also build a fire, that should keep me warm right?

    Also, how could you resist swimming in the pacific ocean?! Some of my fondest memories of my visit to the pacific northwest included swimming, my first time ever swimming in this ocean was at Manhattan beach just close to Cannon Beach!

    • Hello Fanny! I figure riding my bike to and from work will make up for the occasional sweet treat(s). Maybe. You should definitely go on an overnight camping trip! I absolutely love sleeping in the wilderness. The most enjoyable parts for me are cooking yummy meals and listening to all the sounds of nature. It’s starting to get chilly at night here too, but as long as you have a cozy companion, it’s not a problem :) A campfire will keep you warm too. And perhaps a mug of cocoa!

      I swam in the Pacific Ocean a few times. When my parents were here, it was terribly cold and I was too busy eating candy! Ha! So happy that you have fond memories of the Pacific Northwest. If you visit again, we can go on a backpacking trip!

  3. So good to see you back and that you had supercool summer adventures…fabulous photos! Congratulations on being an official Herbie…what a fun place that must be to work! I love their tees and wallets and ohgoodgolly, all of it! Cheers! :)

  4. So many beautiful pictures, the pacific northwest is super pretty! The brunch at Cafe Flora & dinner at Portobello both look amazing, I’ll have to try both places when I’m over there for VVC next May!

  5. Congrats for a job at Herbivore! I hope it’s working out for you! And, per usual, I’m in awe of your backpacking adventures–the AT and east coast are nice, but not nearly as stunning as your NW views.

  6. Congratulations on your new job! I hope your talents will shine. It’s so funny when I hear people mention Mt. Hood b/c I’m not entirely convinced it exists. When I visited Portland it was really foggy and everyone kept pointing it out. I’d say I didn’t see it and they would insist it was behind the clouds.

  7. Yay, congrats on the super cool job! I wander through the vegan mall every few weeks, maybe we’ll run into each other. Your summer adventures look beautiful and like so much fun. Portland is surrounded by so much awesomeness. Also, I’ll be at vegfest on Sunday. If I see you I’ll say hi :)

  8. What a great summer! Such beautiful scenery and you guys got such a great campsite, almost makes me sad that we didn’t get in more camping this year. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like a really cool and fun place to work.

  9. Herbivore Clothing Co. question…I love the new Good Luck Elephant shirts! It’s hard to tell from the photos on the website…are the unisex and women’s tees the same color or is the uni red and women’s sorta pink red? Supercool stuff as always! Thankya!

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