Amy & Tim Visit Veggie Grill

This evening Tim and I strolled along the Westbank Esplanade and ventured into downtown Portland to enjoy dinner at the brand new Veggie Grill. It was their official first day of business so our food was free! If you aren’t familiar with Veggie Grill, they serve 100% plant-based American comfort food including soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts.

Portland now has two Veggie Grill locations (the other one is in the suburbs). According to the manager, they hope to add a third location… On my side of town! What I love most about the downtown location is that it used to be a disgusting, greasy, stinky Carl’s Jr. (a nasty meat-centric fast food chain). When I worked downtown, I had to walk past it every day and it smelled terrible. Now it’s a snazzy, sparkling clean, vegan establishment! Talk about an awesome transition!!

Tim and I were greeted with countless smiles and a positive atmosphere as soon as we stepped through the front door. If you don’t know me well, I should make it clear that I tend to have a hefty dose of negativity controlling me more often than not. I’m working on fixing that, but it’s a tough challenge. This is what a happy Veggie Grill environment does for a moody Amy:

That’s a genuine smile! Tim was looped out on lemonade all night. I am pretty certain he had at least six glasses. At the end of the evening, he was mixing his own concoctions of iced teas and lemonades.

Veggie Grill has a nice flow. You walk in, grab a menu, order at the counter, take a number, and find a seat. When your food is ready, they bring it to your table. It’s effortless. While Tim and I were waiting for our food, we were treated to samples of menu items. I think we tried Spicy Buffalo Wings and Crab Cakes. I have never tasted the animal-based versions of either (thankfully!) so I don’t have much to compare them to, but they were very tasty. It’s fun to sample items I know I wouldn’t order on my own. I tend to find a favorite and stick to it – something else I am trying to fix! After tasting samples, our food arrived (the wait was less than 15 minutes)!!

I opted for the Bayou Chickin’ ($8.95) and a side of Sweetheart Fries with Chipotle Ranch Sauce ($2.25). My sandwich contained blackened chickin’, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, and spicy vegan mayo. Being the raw onion and tomato hater that I am, they kindly left those off my sandwich. I really, really enjoyed my meal. It was messy, spicy, nicely portioned, and didn’t leave me feeling like I ate a brick. Tim had to help me finish the sweet potato fries, but hey, that’s why I brought him along!! Kidding…

Tim was a bit more adventurous in his choice:

What you see above is the All-American Stack ($8.95), also with a side of Sweetheart Fries. This towering burger has a grilled veggie-steak, pickles, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion rings, and thousand island dressing. On our walk downtown, Tim kept singing about onion rings so I am pretty sure he liked his meal too!!

The best part about our dinner was our table. We picked a spot that abutted a huge wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that line the sidewalk. It was so entertaining to watch folks walk by and stare in with curiosity and perhaps vegan envy! My favorite passer-by was an elderly man who paused right in front of us and gave us a thumbs-up, essentially asking us if our meal was top-notch. Of course, we gave him a double thumbs-up in return! I truly hope this location thrives because the big windows have the potential to lure in omnivores and turn them into herbivores! One can always hope…

As we were closing in on finishing our meals, an employee brought us a plate of desserts to sample! Take a plate away, replace it with a new one!

This isn’t the best photo to represent our sweet ending, but we definitely devoured the Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Chocolate Pudding (which is usually served parfait-style). I even considered licking the bowl, but Tim said that would be inappropriate. Hmpf.

Even though our entire meal was free (THANK YOU, Veggie Grill!!), I would happily return as a paying and loyal customer. I just need to find a job first! Maybe if/when Veggie Grill opens in my neighborhood I can work there?

On our 3-mile walk home, Tim and I enjoyed a view of Mt. Hood across the Willamette River. We even saw a fluffy lil’ gosling, but he was too far away for a proper photograph. Here is my beloved Mt. Hood (way in the distance):

I will sleep well tonight!

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11 thoughts on “Amy & Tim Visit Veggie Grill

  1. That place sounds great! With all of the incredible vegan options in NYC, it still surprises me that there’s nothing like this. Maybe soon?

    When I visited Portland the weather was great, but it was pretty foggy and I never saw Mt. Hood; you’re starting to convince me it actually exists.

  2. Ooh, I love Veggie Grill! I hope they open one in my town soon, the drive to LA is a bit ridiculous. And oh man, their lemonade and teas are the BEST! Glad you felt a burst of positivity from your visit :-)

  3. There’s a VG near where I work in Orange County, CA. Love it! My omni friend is addicted to the All Hail Kale salad and always wants to go there for lunch. It is ridiculously delicious! You will not regret ordering it. I’m always torn between the kale salad or the Buffalo Bomber Wrap and the strawberry lemonade or peach iced tea. Carrot cake is delicious too. I like these kinds of dilemmas ;)

    • I almost ordered the All Hail Kale salad!! But, I do not like raw onions and it has some corn salsa on top. Fussy, huh? You are right, those beverages are delicious!!! I had a pomegranate green tea and I almost considered stealing the whole container.

  4. I love Veggie Grill! Glad to hear you have one in Portland now! They catered my graduation party a few years ago and it was so good that the meat eaters in my family ended up going for the Veggie Grill food instead of “their” food. So good!! I have a free meal coupon for my birthday, think I’ll be going there for dinner soon, thanks to your post :)

    • Isn’t that always the case, meat eaters gobbling up all the vegan food at catered events?! That happened to me at a wedding this summer. Enjoy your birthday meal at Veggie Grill! That’s the perfect way to celebrate :)

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