Let Them Eat Vegan, A Review

A few weeks ago the most exciting package arrived in my mailbox: a copy of Let Them Eat Vegan by Dreena Burton. I have long been a fan of Dreena’s recipes. They are wholesome, healthy, creative, and downright delicious. I am particularly keen on her hummus, gravy, and sauce recipes because there is rarely an absence of tahini. You do know that I love tahini (snicker, snicker, snicker…), right?!

Let Them Eat Vegan is much heftier than Dreena’s previous books, and I am not complaining. It is literally packed with plant-based recipes (including an entire chapter dedicated to sauces and dips!). There are gorgeous photographs, helpful tips/guidance, and plenty of allergy-friendly recipes. What I love most about this book is that processed foods, Earth Balance, and Tofutti products are non-existent. This is a whole foods, pure ingredients, only-the-good-stuff kind of cookbook. In other words, the cookbook of my dreams.

But, don’t fret! There is a dessert chapter and it has frosting recipes! Your sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied. I haven’t made any of the desserts yet because Tim is out of town and it’s dangerous territory when I am left alone with treats. But, I did make a super satisfying, energy-packed granola that makes breakfast exciting:

Cocoa Goji Granola: very lightly sweetened, crunchy, and a nice change of pace from my usual granola

I also made a raw kale salad that I devoured by myself in less than two days.

Kale Slaw with Curried Almond Dressing: Kale, apples, carrots, bell pepper, cranberries, and almonds are tossed with a creamy curry dressing to make a fresh, crunchy, tangy, sweet meal

Yesterday, I made the Goji Strawberry Smoothie for breakfast and it kept me full for a LONG time!

Finally, last night I made the Sunshine Fries with Rosemary and Coarse Sea Salt:

I made these after the sunshine went down so the picture doesn’t do them justice. These sweet potato wedges were super fast and simple to make. I admittedly ate two whole potatoes worth on my own. A bonus for me: there are massive wild rosemary bushes growing all over Portland, so I was able to walk down the street and clip fresh rosemary for free! Gotta love Portland :)

Made but not photographed: Dj’s Hummus Salad Dressing, Gingered Broccolini, and Creamy Carrot Miso Dip. On my recipe agenda: Triple-Threat Chocolate Coconut Macaroons (!!!), Rich Coconut Caramel Sauce, Nutty Veggie Burgers, Oven-Sweetened Beets with Sage, French Lentil Soup with Smoked Paprika, and Cashew Chive Spread. To be honest, I have marked at least 2/3 of the recipes in this book that I want to make in the next few weeks. It’s crazy difficult to make a decision on what gets priority.

I have been reading this cookbook like a novel over the last several days and I cannot recommend it enough. A big, gracious thank you to Dreena and Da Capo Press for sending me a review copy. Thanks!!!

Next week I will have a new vegan product review and giveaway, so keep checking back!

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are-it was snowing in Portland a few days ago but today it is sunny!

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9 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Vegan, A Review

  1. I was a lucky recipe tester for this cookbook and I have made the Cocoa-Goji Granola SO many times since I first tried it! The omnis at my office request it and I happily make it for them. The French Lentil Soup with Smoked Paprika is another of my make-it-a-zillion times favorites. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying it!

    • That granola is definitely addictive! I find myself sneaking handfuls throughout the day :) I am looking forward to trying the lentil soup-smoked paprika is one of the best spices!

  2. Nice review! I love Dreena’s cookbooks. Are there lots of recipes with cashews? My son is allergic so I wanted to look at the recipes before buying the book.

    • There are recipes with cashews: some of the sauces and dips, ice creams, and raw desserts have them. But, there are plenty of recipes without them too! For example: muffins, pancakes, salad dressings, soups, stews, burgers, pastas, and side dishes. There are also lots of desserts (cakes, pies, cookies, frostings) without cashews. I think you’d be very pleased :)

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