A Day Trip

Since the Pacific Northwest isn’t getting much snow in the mountains, Tim and I took a little road trip to the Oregon coast instead. We visit the coast frequently and it never gets old. Birds, whales, sand critters, rocky sculptures, and mighty waves make exploration incredibly fun. Nothing compares to the coast for mental and physical relaxation. It’s just so lovely!

On our drive to the coast, we passed by this scenic spot, where low clouds were weaving through a small farming town:

Our first stop was Cannon Beach. It is an incredibly popular destination, even in the off season. When the tide is low, peeking into all the exposed tide pools is my favorite activity. We didn’t arrive during low tide though so we opted to walk a massive stretch of sandy beach… In the inevitable wind and rain! Luckily, the sun came out halfway through our walk.

I took photographs while Tim recorded the sound of waves splashing on rocks.

And then, after we ate our lunch, it rained for the remainder of the day! We did spot a beautiful rainbow on the drive home though (taken through the car window)!

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19 thoughts on “A Day Trip

  1. Great photos — they really capture the coastal aura. I only did an Oregon coast trip once, a few years ago, and it was gorgeous. We traveled from Seattle to Roseburg to visit friends, then up the coast. I’d love to do it again.

  2. I have very fond memories of my travel along the Oregon coast, and one of the best things was staying in Seaside and visit Cannon Beach and hike Saddle Mountain.

    • Saddle Mountain is a wonderful hike! The second time Tim and I hiked that trail it was so foggy that we could barely see where we were going. Glad you have fond memories of Oregon :)

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