Coastal Exploration

On Sunday, Tim and I went to the central Oregon coast for a bit of exploration and photographic opportunities. It was a chilly day, but beautiful nonetheless. We packed sandwiches and cupcakes to keep us nourished and then cruised along the beach taking pictures and admiring all the sea creatures visible at low tide. We even saw a massive heap of lazy seals sleeping on some high rocks, inevitably waiting for the tide to come back in so they could immerse themselves in the cold ocean.

Love the coast.

I’ll be back later this week with a delicious, hearty bread recipe – perfect for dunking in soup!


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8 thoughts on “Coastal Exploration

    • We went to Seal Rock State Park which is roughly halfway between Newport and Waldport. The drive from Portland is beautiful, especially if it isn’t raining (although even in the rain it’s pretty special!).

  1. I never knew starfishes had such beautiful colors! :). Glad you had a beautiful day in spite of the cold. Thanks for sharing!

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