Golden Adventures

First off, I’d like to express my thanks for all of your kind and uplifting comments regarding my previous post. This month has not been the best for me and I am truly ¬†grateful for the support! I am slowly moving forward from the job loss and seeking new ways to keep myself productive, happy, and fulfilled.

Earlier this week Tim suggested we take a little adventure. I’m always up for a change of scenery, especially during the fall months when the leaves are changing color and the air is crisp. This is, after all, my favorite time of year!

We decided to go on a photography journey so that we could capture all the golden colors before they disappear in a week. We went to two different places, the Clackamas River region in Oregon, and the Columbia River Gorge in Washington. Here are some photographs from our explorations:

Needless to say, I felt much better after escaping Portland for a few days. And, speaking of golden colors, I am currently testing recipes for Terry Romero’s forthcoming cookbook and made some Golden Tandoori Baked Tofu last night for dinner. It was top notch! On the side, Tim and I made Lemongrass Lime Jasmine Rice and Coconut Chili Collard Greens, also test recipes.

I have plenty more test recipes lined up for this week and next week. Hopefully I can post about them soon!

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15 thoughts on “Golden Adventures

  1. What a beautiful adventure–the landscape is just stunning up there! And the tofu looks great too (mimics the fall leaves perfectly). :) I hope things start falling into place for you quickly!

  2. An adventure is always a nice distraction! Hope things are continuing to get better. You are so talented on so many levels. You’re gonna go far :) thanks again for pretty pics of food and nature, my favorite things!

  3. I’m a longtime lurker and I love your blog. Just a note to say thanks for the wonderful blog, and the uplifting photos. I was born and raised in the Portland-Vancouver area, but now live overseas. Your photos are so vibrant and beautiful, they brought back many memories for me of family and friends and especially camping in the area. You’re obviously very talented, and it’s true you will go far. There is something better out there waiting for you – life has a way of working out like that. All the best, and thanks.

    • Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for the kind and motivating words – they boosted my spirits. I’m glad that the Pacific Northwest photographs bring back happy memories for you. This is definitely a beautiful place to live, but I’m always itching to travel to new places :)

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