Sweet Solace

I had a very bad week. A job was lost, car parts broke, and one of my favorite plants died from a weird mushroom invasion. I should note that all three of these occurrences actually happened on the same day. And all three were complete shocks. My initial response was to live in a thick haze of mope on the futon. I wasn’t lured by the sunshine, colorful falling leaves, or bike rides. I simply wanted to sit, unbothered, and collect dust. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it’s not so simple when you live with a partner whose sweet tooth dominates the entire apartment! Tim graciously demanded a treat nearly every day while I hid my face in books on the oh-so-uncomfortable futon. It wasn’t completely out of greed. Tim knows I love to bake. And once I started, it was hard for me to stop. The baking frenzy helped me forget about my crappy week. Want to know what I made? Here, take a peek (all photo credits go to Tim who insisted on capturing his desserts on camera)!

Chocolate Cream Pie

Cinnamon Rolls

Lemon Layer Cake for my friend Chad’s birthday

Carrot Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

There must be something magical about sweets because I am already starting to feel a bit better and I am no longer on the futon!

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32 thoughts on “Sweet Solace

  1. Sorry about your bad week and hope things get better :). Seeking those great pics of delicious-looking treats sure cheered ME up! Maybe karma will give you three good things that happen in the same day…

  2. I’m sorry, really. I hope you will feel better soon, f*ck that job, car and plant, they don’t deserve you anyway. I’m truly deeply impressed by your cinnamon rolls, if it’s not a trade secret I would be very happy to be instructed how to shape them so perfectly.

    • Your comment cheered me up, Fanny! You are right, f*ck the job – they never even gave me a chance!

      For the cinnamon rolls: I just make sure to roll out a perfect rectangle (12″ x 18″ or so) with even width (just under a 1/4″ I think) throughout and I roll very tightly from the short end. I also make sure not to have too much filling because that makes for bumpier rolls. Once I have my log rolled, I roll the whole thing back and forth across the counter to really smooth it out. And then, I pat the exposed ends to make sure they are flush. Oh! I cut the rolls with dental floss instead of a knife. That’s it!

  3. Aw, this post got me a little choked up. I think it was right when I read that all the photos were by Tim – it just seemed like such a sweet gesture to not only ask you to bake for him, but then to want to document everything you made as well. I’m sorry to hear about the bad week, but glad that things are better. Sweets ALWAYS make things better. :)

    • You are absolutely right, sweets make everything better (in moderation, of course!). Yes, Tim is a sweet himself – his pleas for baked treats were a secret plot to motivate me and make me happy. Taking the photographs was his way of documenting his appreciation – and I suppose, a way to soothe his sweet tooth once the treats are gone!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about all the problems, too, especially the job because it seems like you gave a lot up for it. But it’s nice to have someone around like Tim to make you get up and do what it seems you do so well! (And enjoy!)
    Hope things swing up.

  5. Those cinnamon rolls are so perfect and adorable! :) There’s really nothing like baking to bring you out of a funk (well, baking and a lovely partner, of course!). I hope things start to look up for you!

    • Thanks, Kelly! It’s funny, because I actually ended up burning the bottoms of those cinnamon rolls after I forgot to set the timer!! That’s why there is no finished photo!!

  6. My heart and hugs go out to you! Whoever was silly enough to boot you is a madcrazy fool! It’s good to take some time to mope about, and even better to mope with a sweet-toothed boy. :)
    Some of my favorite ancient wisdom (ok, it’s from a fortune cookie, but still…) says “from what is broken, much can be created”. I’d love to see you come out with your brownie recipe book (or did you already, and I missed it?). Or start selling your superyummy bakery online. I would take a dozen of your most fab brownies to start. :)

  7. so sorry to hear about such a terrible week :( I recently lost my job too, so I feel your pain. everything in this post looks AMAZING though! well done! I’m sure things will turn around soon :) sending good vibes!!

  8. urrrrr! Sorry for the job loss and everything else . It’s hard to handle things such as these especially in one day. I’m glad you had some baking to do to keep you busy through this time. I bake when I get depressed. Everything you baked looks truly amazing! I want to take a fork right now and take me a big bite out of both of those cakes! You need to post the recipes.

  9. What a lot to take in, I hope things are better. Losing a job is really hard. My husband has been laid off twice in the last 7 years and it really sticks with him. So glad you got off the futon and started baking…collecting dust can only go so far and those baked goods look delish!

  10. I am sorry to hear about your bad week! I am right now emailing the marketing director at DKB with your contact details. I am sure lots of good things are just around the corner for you!

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