“A” is for Almond Spelt Sweet Rolls

Well, the 5th annual Vegan Month of Food has officially started! I have good intentions of posting each and every day, but since my new job begins this Monday, my schedule might be a bit overwhelming. I truly hope that I adjust quickly to early morning hours. We shall see!

As I mentioned in a previous post, my theme this year is the alphabet. Since there are more days in October than letters in the alphabet, I will have some random fun posts tossed into the mix (hint: giveaways!). Today was a very busy day so I thought I would feature one of my most favorite recipes of all times. It is perfect for breakfast on a chilly morning with your favorite hot beverage. Meet the oh-so-yummy Almond Spelt Sweet Rolls:

Imagine a lightly sweetened bun with a crunchy, orange-infused exterior and buttery interior. If you make these, your home will fill with wonderful aromas and make your neighbors jealous. Why not share (unless you are greedy like me)? The recipe was created by my dear friend Celine so you already know it’s awesome.