Summer Adventures Part IV

Here is the final installment in my Summer Adventure series. I am sure more adventures will fill my schedule before fall arrives but I am hoping to share some food-related posts soon. This segment features photographs from a recent vacation to Nova Scotia with Tim’s family. It was absolutely beautiful there and we all had plenty of time to relax and enjoy our surroundings.

Boat at low tide in Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia

Colorful buoys in Sandy Cove

Beautiful old church with tombstones dating back to 1809

Balancing Rock in St. Mary’s Bay on Long Island, Nova Scotia

Lighthouse on Brier Island

Humpback whale calf (chomp, chomp!)

Humpback whale flukes

Sunset on the Bay of Fundy

Canoeing in Kejimkujik National Park

Annual motorcycle rally in Digby, Nova Scotia that draws in 30,000 motorcyclists and spectators

Boats in Digby, Nova Scotia

Colorful storefronts in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Boat docked in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia


Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove

Starry sky on the Bay of Fundy [photo credit goes to Tim]

Vegan coconut french toast from Jane’s on the Common in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I already miss Nova Scotia and haven’t even been back a week yet. Canadians are so, so, so friendly and the scenery is breathtaking! The only thing I missed was kale. We couldn’t find any kale in Digby (the “largest” town near where we stayed) or Sandy Cove (the teeny town where we rented a cottage). I was deprived! Not to fret, Tim and I made a monster meal of brown rice, four different greens, and tahini sauce when we returned home.  Plus we made fresh juice with apples, ginger, lemon and kale!! Hooray for kale!

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9 thoughts on “Summer Adventures Part IV

  1. Squeal!!!! That humpback calf is smiling for the camera!! Can’t believe how close you got. All the colors just seem to pop in these pictures. I always wondered what Nova Scotia was like. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Wow, what stunning shots. I’ve been to Peggy’s Cove and Halifax many times but your photos made me long to return. I’m glad you had such a wonderful stay in Canada. I hope you’ll come back soon – we have lots of kale in Ontario.


  3. Whoa! This is so crazy. As I was looking through the photos here, I thought the colorful houses looked SO familiar. And then I realized a few posts back on my RSS reader another photo blogger I keep up with had just posted photos from Nova Scotia too! And, while I haven’t gone back to check yet, I swear it’s the same exact storefronts you both photographed. Small world!

  4. Hehe, there’s not much in Digby OR Sandy Cove, that’s for sure. Beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures–looks like your whale watch was a lot warmer and sunnier than mine was last year :) I’m having some serious memories come back. Nova Scotia is just the jam!

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