Summer Adventures Part III

It’s time for the third installment in my Summer Adventures series! Did you miss Part I or Part II? Catch up quick because the fourth installment happens later this week!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that Tim and I are lovers of outdoor adventure and travel. Last month we went on the most incredible backpacking trip. We have backpacked many, many, many trails and this particular hike instantly became our new favorite. Our three day trip was filled with icy lakes, thunderstorms, sunshine, glaciers, dozens of snowy mountains, rainbows, solitude, tacos (!!), wildflowers, deer, and dark starry skies. Where did we go? We went deep into the Three Sisters Wilderness near Sisters, OR. The trail we chose was a 25-mile loop around an extinct volcano called Broken Top. It was definitely challenging, but also overwhelmingly rewarding. Here are some photos highlighting the best parts:

Golden Lake – Located about a mile from our campsite on Day #1

Campsite on Day #1 – Broken Top and an unnamed mountain lake are in the background

Dinner on Day #1 - Soft corn tortillas filled with refried beans, smokey soy curls, bell peppers and avocado. We made these under the shelter of a huge pine tree due to on/off thunderstorms all night.

Tim eating tacos in the company of rainbows. There was a small lapse in the rain and we took full advantage of photo opportunities!

Sunset on Middle Sister and North Sister - This was the view behind our tent

Morning light on Broken Top, Day #2

South Sister

Green Lakes Wilderness – Understandably one of Oregon’s most beautiful and popular recreation areas

Mt. Bachelor – A popular skiing area during the winter months in Bend, OR

Can you see the hiking trail?

Dinner on Day #2 – Soba noodles, shiitake mushrooms, kale, carrots, and sesame ginger sauce

Tim making chocolate cake for dessert on Day #2

Eating chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut butter on top

Climbing, climbing, climbing on Day #3

Lots of colorful wildflowers

Admiring a hidden meltwater lake with Broken Top looming above

Tim executing a perfect rock-n-roll jump on a rock in a glacial lake

Tim hiking across snowfields and red cinder

Me traversing across a massive snowfield

The Three Sisters – South, Middle, and North

That pretty much sums up our backpacking trip! It was unbelievably hot despite the snow and higher elevations. By the time we finally reached the trailhead on Day #3, we were sweaty and covered in layers of dirt, sunscreen, and vegan-friendly bug repellent. Plus, we stunk! Luckily there was an inviting, cool (translation: very COLD) lake to jump into near where we had parked our car. Needless to say, we dropped our backpacks and SLOWLY worked our way into the water. Refreshing!

Later this week I will post my final installment of my Summer Adventures: a recap of a family vacation in beautiful Nova Scotia! Stick around :)

Oh, and here is one more photo from the outtake file:

Apparently Tim’s timing is off…

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15 thoughts on “Summer Adventures Part III

  1. Again, I cannot say enough about how much I love your photos! Tacos are rainbows for the stomach :). You make me want to move there. How far is this area from Portland? You should work for the tourism board! Thanks for always letting us tag along with you and Tim!

    • Thanks so much! The rainbow and taco night was probably the best part of the entire trip :)

      We were in an area about 3 hours from Portland. It’s a beautiful drive so the time passes quickly. We are actually contemplating moving closer to the Bend, OR area because of all the nearby mountains and trails.

      Hahaha… The tourism board! I do need a job…

  2. What an incredible backpacking loop! I can’t wait to see your Nova Scotia pics–I fell in love with it last year. One of the most memorable trips of my life.

    Do you have a post where you talk about how you guys plan meals for backpacking? I’ve never been able to get that down and always end up with kind of gross noodles and nothing much exciting. Any tips would be *awesome*!

    • Thanks, Jes! Nova Scotia is incredible, isn’t it? I cannot wait to visit again when time allows. Do you have pictures from your trip?

      It’s funny you mention a backpacking meal prep post – I have been drafting one for over a month now. I will make it a priority to post it in the next few weeks :)

  3. Nice Post for what looks like an awesome trip!
    Can you share the hike path or the trails you followed? Have been doing a lot of research on the internet in the last couple of days to plan a good backpacking trip in the three sisters region this summer. You course seems to offer exactly that! Thanks!

    • Hello, and thank you! Even now, two years later, this backpacking trip ranks at the top of my list. We went in mid-August of 2011. You’d have to check with the local ranger district to find out about current snow levels. I would imagine there is some lingering snow since the elevation is high in spots. The trail we did is aptly named Broken Top Loop. The full trail description is in a book called “100 Classic Hikes in Oregon” by Douglas Loraine. You might be able to find it at your library. Or, get a good topo map of the Three Sisters Wilderness. The hike starts near Driftwood Campground. We went counterclockwise in a loop. If you go, I hope you enjoy yourself! It’s such a remarkable region to explore. :)

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